UFC Announcer Mike Goldberg's 10 Biggest Fails

Antwyn JacksonContributor IINovember 15, 2011

UFC Announcer Mike Goldberg's 10 Biggest Fails

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    Now that we're in the middle of the excitement of UFC on Fox 1, the UFC's network debut and the anticipation of UFC 139, we have a chance to look back.  

    Mike Goldberg is our subject this time. Goldberg has been a voice that signified the UFC for quite some time and he is well respected by fighters and by fight fans.  However, there have been a few bumps and bruises along the way.

    Let's take some time to point at his mistakes and laugh at him...

Leg-Kick to the Mid Section

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    A leg-kick to the midsection can be as harmful as a arm-punch to the face.  

    Honest mistake maybe? Sometimes commentators just get a little too carried away with their verbiage.

Steve Coldstone

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    Steve "Coldstone" Austin, aka the Ice Cream Man.  Maybe that doesn't have the same ring to it.

    When surveying the crowd, Goldberg spots a few celebrities and wants to point them out. No problem with that, as long as you get their name right.

It's All Over. Wait. Is It?

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    Mike Goldberg's call of "it's all over" has been synonymous with a submission, knockout or TKO finish, but perhaps he was a little over-anxious in saying it this time.

    At least he apologizes for it. Live calls are always great.

The Next Joe Rogan

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    Not sure what Goldie was doing in this one. Seems like he is trying to pay Joe Rogan a compliment, but it gets lost in translation.

    Rogan just tries to smile and nod it off, but can't help but laugh at Goldie being Goldie.

White Boy Dancing

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    Normally Joe Rogan is the one trying to drag Mike Goldberg back to respectability when he makes an error, but this time they tag-teamed craziness.

    They were caught dancing to a random song being played in the arena during a lull and it wasn't a good look for either of them. However, one can point out that Joe did try to keep it to a two-step while Goldberg appeared to be using the microphone as a glow stick.

    Not a good look Mike Goldberg, not a good look.

The Mess-Up Mixtape

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    Courtesy of burstandblooms from YouTube, a compilation of Mike Goldberg's spills have been put together for your amusement.  I'll chronicle these for you:

    0:01 - Ultimate Defining Championship - Come on Mike, you gotta get the name of the organization right.

    0:08 - Wanderlei Silva defeats Wanderlei Silva - Wanderlei has beaten a lot of people in his career.  Now he's finally beaten himself by knockout.

    0:17 - CB Dollaway vs CB Dollaway - I've got my money Dollaway.

    0:48 - Watt Miman - I didn't see his name on the UFC roster, let me check again.

    0:55 - A nice dose of Vampire Sexuality - Good thing that series didn't last so he didn't have to read that again.

    1:18 - Instructions - It's good to get instructions in a language you understand. It works better that way.

    1:24 - Bedtime Stories from Ace - Franklin will also be coming out with nightlights and pajamas with the feet in them by American Fighter.

    2:35 - Anderson Silva; master of Muay Pie - Anderson learned his Muay Pie techniques from Master Duncan Hines.

    2:44 - Randy Couture and some 30 something 40 something stuff - Maybe somebody can break that down for the rest of us.

The Mess-Up Mixtape Volume 2

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    Since all of them didn't fit on that one, another compilation has been put together to further enjoy the comedic stylings of Mike Goldberg. Here's the breakdown:

    0:01 - Mike Goldberg Science - It's Nerf or nothing.

    0:03 - Diaz Smells the Opening - Fellas if you smell the opening, you should probably leave.

    0:05 - Keith "The Dean of Mean" Johnson? - Seems like he was trying to cover up a previous mistake by adding on some other craziness.

    0:19 - UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Lie-dell - In fairness, Chuck wasn't as well known yet.  

    0:22 - The legacy of George Holmes - If you combine the raw punching power and imposing figure of George Foreman and the lightning-quick jab of Larry Holmes, you have one of the best boxers ever assembled. Maybe he was onto something.

    0:32 - Travis Lutter, The Michael Jordan of Grappling - more like the Kwame Brown of Grappling.

    0:41 - His precision is really Precise - Maybe he was just trying to see if we were paying attention.

    0:59 - Portuguese, just like Japanese - It's funny that his wife is Japanese and he couldn't tell the difference between Portuguese and Japanese. Even funnier the way Joe Rogan points it out.

    1:12 - Taking a book out of a chapter - Not sure if these is possible, gonna have to research it.

Biggie Teams

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    Initially this video was to show his early years, because everyone's early years are funny. The different hair styles and body size always make people laugh.  

    But I noticed something.  

    Mike Goldberg can't say Big East. He says Biggies. Maybe he's a fan of the Notorious B.I.G. or maybe loves McDonald's, but Big East is a problem for him.  

Hockey Injuries

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    Don't you hate when they pull the curtain back on certain things?  I mean, I'm sure Mike Goldberg isn't exactly a sex-symbol, but showing off that Hockey injury just has me looking for the homeless man gap every time I see him.

    To Sum It All Up

    In spite of all these bloopers, we still acknowledge Mike Goldberg as one of the voices of the UFC and we wouldn't have it any other way.  He's a consummate professional and we hope he stays around for many years to come.