Top Sports Video Games Of 2008

Louis FierroContributor IDecember 17, 2008

Ah, nothing like waking up to the sound of an overheated Xbox in the morning.  Is there anything truly more manly than playing video games, surely the call to play XBOX live is stronger than any call the wilderness emits. 

Sure we may all be proper, studious, professional, business men on the outside, but upon looking into oneself do we not all find a young pimpled covered teenager like the one in the photo above or like the one writing this article (although i'm not that pimpled covered). 

Every year video game franchises like Madden and Fifa find their way under our Christmas trees, and every year we play them tirelessly.  So what is your favorite sports video game that came out this year?  My personal favorite would have to be Fifa 09.