Jerry Sandusky NBC Interview: Bob Costas Exposes Audience to the Real Sandusky

Tim DanielsFeatured ColumnistNovember 15, 2011

Courtesy: ABC News
Courtesy: ABC News

It remains unclear what Jerry Sandusky and his legal representation were trying to accomplish by agreeing to an interview with Bob Costas on NBC's Rock Center with Brian Williams.

Whatever it was, they failed miserably.

Public perception is everything and Sandusky came off sounding like the creep everybody had already envisioned. Saying he shouldn't have showered with kids doesn't help his cause; that alone is enough to convict in the court of public opinion.

Kudos to Costas for a tough line of questioning. Many journalists would have been so desperate to score an interview with Sandusky they would have stuck to a group of softball questions.

Costas pressed Sandusky, not only about what occurred in the past, but also his feelings toward children right now. The former Penn State coach stammered while trying to come up with an answer.

To say he's “horsed around” and showered with kids is disturbing enough, even though Sandusky claims there was no sexual intent. It's hard to believe Sandusky thought people would be fine with that type of conduct.

The one thing that became painfully clear during his interview with Costas is that Sandusky should be utilizing his right to remain silent.

He isn't going to win over any supporters by talking about showering with young boys. At this point the sexual abuse is only alleged conduct, but the more he talks, the more he hurts his chances of being able to prove his innocence.

It's a mess that just continues to grow and can't end soon enough for Penn State. Hopefully everybody that didn't report Sandusky's alleged conduct listened to the interview and understands how big a mistake they made.

With every passing day, the nation gets a better understanding of who the real Jerry Sandusky is and it's definitely not someone anybody in their right mind would allow their children to spend a day with, as his lawyer claimed he would during the show.

Perhaps Sandusky will finally comprehend that interviews aren't going to help him and he'll just fade into the background until it's time to face a jury.

For the sake of everybody's ears, that's the best choice.