WWE Survivor Series: Why the Awesome Truth Has to Defeat The Rock and John Cena

Hamster EnigmaAnalyst IIINovember 19, 2011

The most charismatic team of all time (according to the WWE themselves)—consisting of The Rock and John Cena—will face off against the Awesome Truth at the latest Survivor Series PPV.

John Cena and The Rock, two stars who basically defined the company at different times, will be going head-to-head against two main event heels in R-Truth and the Miz.

But tell me this, are the Awesome Truth really credible threats for the team of The Rock and John Cena?


But they are the only ones who are known enough by worldwide audiences to contend with the popularity of The Rock and Cena somewhat.

Anyone else just won't be true opponents for that tandem.

"Ok, but still why is the title implying that the Awesome Truth has to defeat The Rock and John Cena?"

It's a simple answer actually.

Truth is, to be awesome, the Awesome Truth has to win. (I know it's a bad pun)

"Why do they have to win?

it's because of the WrestleMania 28 main event. The battle of the titans that involves Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson going head-to-head against John Cena.

It's because the two heels were squashed so quickly when The Rock and John Cena confronted them this past Monday night on Raw.

It's because John Cena and The Rock are not supposed to coexist.

At WrestleMania they are going to face each other one-on-one, finally venting their frustrations against one another.

If The Rock and Cena win, that means they would've been able to coexist and been able to put their differences aside if even for one night.

That, in no way, shows any tension between the two rivals.

To show tension, maybe to even add more, The Rock and John Cena have to lose.

One of them doesn't necessarily have to turn heel, they just have to lose.

This means that the Awesome Truth has to win.

They have to win to actually have been thought of as credible.

They have to win to actually prove themselves.

They have to win because The Rock and John Cena can't.

Enemies coexisting as allies?

It could work with anyone else. But not with these two.

The star power of The Rock and John Cena individually is enough to prevent the two men from putting their feelings aside just to beat the top heels in the business today.

It's just too illogical.

The Rock and John Cena cannot and are not supposed to coexist. It just can't happen.

What they stand for contradicts each other. They just can't and shouldn't work together.

The Awesome Truth has to win this Sunday at Survivor Series, there's just no way around it.