Kevin Young's Defection: The Big, Huge Positive

DJ GoodwinCorrespondent IDecember 16, 2008

You want this to go away, right.

Well, never fear. I'm bringing this up in a different context. It was so ugly that everyone wanted to turn away (sort of like the Chizik exodus to Auburn). Here's one thing that gets me excited for the future of the program—KU football fans were nearly outraged and on the verge of labeling the kid from Olathe a traitor.

Do you understand the cosmic shift that represents? In the past, KU fans yawned when a high-rated local would choose Nebraska over the Jayhawks—that's just the way it is. Actually, go back to Wichita's Bryce Brown earlier this year.

The KU nation didn't bat an eye when the five-star chose Miami—yes, former national power Miami (headed to the coveted Emerald Bowl) because every kid wants to play college football in the tradition-rich ACC. Check that, I guess that would be hoops

Anyway, it was a good call by Bryce who didn't even visit KU. Right now, we'll have Rell Lewis and Deshaun Sands battling for the starting RB job at KU in the spring of 2010 (approximately 15 months from now) as we head into the weak schedule rotation (OSU, Baylor, A&M).

Yep, some youngster is going to become a star RB at KU in 2010. The Jayhawks will absolutely be in the mix for another north division title and with a new QB at the helm, KU will need to rely a little more on the ground game while the next Todd Reesing gets comfortable.

Ronnie Wingo Jr. and Toben Opurum come on down because Mark Mangino is going to make you famous.