Red Bull New York Looking Towards The Future

Louis FierroContributor IDecember 17, 2008

Ok I'm new at this but here goes nothing. 

So things are finally starting to look up for people like me are red bull fans (yes this cursed team actually does have fans). 


The Good things

Construction has started on their new stadium, (I would have put i picture of it up but i don't know if i would get sued because i don't have their permission) their new training facility is almost complete, we finally have a competent coach, we have a great leader in Angel, and we have a young promising goalie in Danny Cepero.  


The clubs past

But life for a red bull fan has not always been this good.  It should come as no surprise to any MLS fan that the red bulls always seem to do something wrong.  It's hard to look forward and forget about the troubling past of this franchise, and who knows maybe the worst isn't over yet (although i hope that's not the case). 

The future

So all this is great, but as any one who watches their games knows even when they won games it appeared as if they were missing something.  Its' hard to put a finger on it so i will leave it up to debate.  What should the red bulls look to pursue in the off season this year, although with this team you never know if there will be a next year. (just kidding, nothing like a little red bull fan dark humor).