Canadiens-Hurricanes Game Marred By NHL Officiating

Charles L. GareCorrespondent IDecember 17, 2008

I didn't have the opportunity to watch the Canadiens vs. Hurricanes game last evening, but I did see the highlights. I was appalled at the officiating of this game. Alex Kovalev was right when he said we couldn't touch the Canes. The end result was obvious—the ref made sure the Canadiens would lose, and the Markov goal should have stood.

Last year the Canadiens here given no chance to win anything but the bottom rung of the ladder. This year the media has picked them to finish first in their division—how kind of them. Along with the 100-year anniversary, the pressure is on. Now they're ready to throw Carbonneau under the bus, as if having a 16-9-4 record is so terrible after 30 games.

I know my opinion counts for very little, but a little equal officiating would certainly help not only the Canadiens, but a lot of teams. This is a rough game to play, but that Staal penalty was really over the top. He didn't even miss a shift, but sat on the bench trying to play up a head injury. Absolutely ridiculous. He didn't even hit the boards.

Keep your eyes open, you men in stripes, and this will be a much better game to watch.

Thanks, Charles L. Gare