Aaron Rodgers vs. Tom Brady: Film Shows A-Rod Is the Far Superior Player

Steven YangCorrespondent INovember 15, 2011

Aaron Rodgers vs. Tom Brady: Film Shows A-Rod Is the Far Superior Player

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    Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady are two marquee players in constant comparisons for the title of “Best Quarterback in the League.”

    Some say that Brady has the awards and experience to trump Rodger's laser arm and accuracy. 

    While Brady has a reputation of being a better fourth-quarter player, Rodgers does beat him out in terms of securing the ball.  Overall, the stats show that Aaron Rodgers has done a better job for his team by securing possession while maintaining a high level of efficiency.

    Brady has won three Super Bowl rings while being named MVP two of those three runs.  He has also been named to six Pro Bowls and has been named AP NFL Offensive Player of the Year twice.

    Tom Brady’s accomplishments are hard to compete against in this league.

    However, Rodgers is an up-and-coming All-Star who is entering the prime of his career. 

    Rodgers has won one Super Bowl while being named the MVP.  His deep ball is a huge threat, and his accuracy is arguably the best in the league.

    Fans and analysts will constantly compare the two either based on talent or records, but no answer will come with a lack of opposition.  When discussing a matter of one player being better than another, only statistics can really solidify an opinion.  Even then, it is difficult to come up with a perfect argument.

    Although all the accomplishments that Brady has received are good arguments in determining his superiority, this era belongs to Rodgers, and it is clear from watching film that A-Rod is the best quarterback in the league.  

Long Ball: Aaron Rodgers

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    Aaron Rodgers commands one of the prettiest long balls on the planet.

    Whether it is the arch, placement or spiral on the ball, all of his receivers have no real complaint other than not getting the ball as much as they want. 

    The statistics show that on throws between 21-30 yards, Rodgers has a completion percentage of close to 43 percent. 

    From a distance of 31-40 yards, Rodgers' percentage skyrockets to 85.7 percent, going 6-of-7 on his attempts. 

    Finally, when going for throws 41 yards or greater, his percentage goes to 60 percent. 

    Needless to say, Rodgers has some real skill with his long throws.  

Long Ball: Tom Brady

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    Both Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers have approximately the same amount of throws 21 yards and above, with Brady at 27 and Rodgers at 26.

    However, after total attempts and throws between 21-30 yards, all the similarities between the two quarterbacks dissipate.

    When Brady throws between 31 and 40 yards, his completion percentage goes to a whopping total of zero. 

    He has completed 0-of-7 throws between those yards compared to Rodgers’ 6-of-7 performance thus far through the 2011 NFL season.

    On throws greater than 41 yards, Brady’s efficiency steadies out at 20 percent, going 1-of-5 on his attempts.  Rodgers is at 60 percent.

Throwing on the Run: Aaron Rodgers

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    The responsibility of a quarterback is to manage the game as well as limit turnovers. 

    While trying to limit turnovers, it is necessary to have to run out of the pocket that quarterbacks make their money in. 

    Aaron Rodgers has the ability to throw accurate throws while on the run.  This is one of the biggest assets a quarterback can have due to the uncertainty of a perfect pocket every snap.

    There have been plenty of throws in the 2011 season that Rodgers has completed while running away from the defense.

    From the video, it is clear that Rodgers can do it in and out of the pocket.  

Throwing on the Run: Tom Brady

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    Tom Brady is mainly a pocket quarterback, just as Aaron Rodgers is.

    Although both can run and throw some nice touch passes, it is important that they can each be able to extend plays.

    Offensive lines cannot create a perfect pocket 100 percent of the time—therefore, the extension of plays is vital to production as well as the quarterback’s health.  

    Just on athletic ability, the edge tips in Rodgers' favor.

Running: Aaron Rodgers

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    One of Aaron Rodgers’ most overlooked qualities is his athleticism.

    Rodgers is a quarterback who would much rather throw the ball than run. 

    This is partly why most defenses do not account for Rodgers to run a significant amount. 

    However, when he does, he does so efficiently. 

    He has attempted to run 37 times this season and has gained a total of 127 yards.  Based on these numbers, he has averaged close to 3.4 yards per rush attempt.

    The effectiveness of Rodgers is not only in his arms, but his legs as well.

Running: Tom Brady

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    Tom Brady is definitely not known to be the strongest of runners. 

    In fact, running is probably the last thing he thinks of while in the pocket.

    Granted, Brady does have some skill, as seen in the video clip against Brian Urlacher of the Chicago Bears.

    Brady has run a total of 14 times this season for a total of 37 yards.  This is an average of 2.6 yards per attempt.

    The statistics between Rodgers and Brady cannot be directly compared to each other due to the many different factors in determining “the better rusher.” 

    However, looking at the efficiency of both players, it looks like Rodgers is ahead of Brady by .8 yards per attempt.

NFL-Type Throws: Aaron Rodgers

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    When quarterbacks make it to the NFL, one of the biggest differences they find is the pace of the game. 

    Defenses are bigger and faster.  The field and windows tend to tighten up and some throws just do not work the same as they did in college.

    One of Rodgers’ go-to moves involves the infamous “back-shoulder” throw. 

    This essentially is a throw where the receiver runs downfield with the defender‘s back turned and the quarterback throws it to the outside shoulder of the receiver to force him to turn around and adjust. 

    If executed correctly, there is little to no action the defender can do to stop it.  

NFL-Type Throws: Tom Brady

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    The accuracy of Tom Brady is, without question, one of the best in the league. 

    As seen with his 99-yard throw to Wes Welker, the margin of error on the throw is by inches. 

    If the ball was underthrown by a couple inches, the defender gets a hand on it and Brady is charged with an incomplete pass.

    Instead, the touch and timing of the throw are ideal, which leads to a pass hitting Welker in stride and for a touchdown.

    Brady's and Rodgers’ repertoire of throws are unparalleled.  Aside from accuracy with the deep ball, these two quarterbacks are fairly close in terms of short to mid-yard accuracy.

Fourth Quarter Performance: Aaron Rodgers

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    Needless to say, Aaron Rodgers has some major talent.

    He can make the difficult throws, the deep throws and the short to mid throws.  There are few windows, if any, that Rodgers cannot throw into.

    A quarterback is not only judged on his stats alone but his ability to score and complete the passes when the time counts.

    With only a minute left against the Atlanta Falcons, Rodgers scrambles to buy time and makes a throw that not many quarterbacks can make.

Fourth Quarter Performance: Tom Brady

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    Tom Brady’s fourth-quarter heroics are not to be reckoned with. 

    If any quality were to be talked about regarding the name Tom Brady, it would be the play in the fourth quarter and in late-game situations.

    Brady has 24 fourth-quarter comebacks as well as 33 game-winning drives. 

    When Brady gets elected into the Hall of Fame after his career is over, he will be forever remembered for what he did late in games.

Winner: Aaron Rodgers

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    With all this information, the question still remains on who is the better quarterback—Rodgers or Brady?

    Right now, Aaron Rodgers has the edge. 

    Brady might have a few more Super Bowl rings as well as all the accomplishments and accolades, but Rodgers has the talent to surpass some of the best quarterbacks in the history of the game.

    Rodgers has a rocket arm, a high football IQ and the drive to better himself and the rest of his teammates. 

    Aaron Rodgers is on pace to set an NFL record for highest completion percentage.  His average quarterback rating is 129.1 compared to Brady’s rating of 102.0.  Rodgers has thrown 24 touchdowns this year while Brady has thrown for 23. 

    While these touchdown numbers are fairly similar, Rodgers only threw three interceptions to Brady’s 10. 

    Rodgers is running a more efficient passing attack and keeping possession more than Brady is. 

    Tom Brady is not a bad quarterback by any means. 

    However, at the time being, Rodgers is playing at a higher level—the stats and video tell the tale.