Discussion For December 17: Single Greatest Qb Seasons

Luis AlbertoCorrespondent IDecember 17, 2008

So, I'm always hoping to get on here and write something, but my day job keeps me fairly busy - as does my evening routine of lounging on the couch.  In lieu of an article, I've decided to start an interactive discussion.

I'll start a topic, give a brief opinion of my own, and, hopefully, anyone with an opinion will throw in a comment.

Topic for today - best single season by a quarterback.  For the sake of this conversation, let's say any season after 1975 is eligible.  Also, you rate them based on your definition of "best".  If you think "best" means a player who wins, than use that as your basis.  If you think stats are the only barometer - then, by all means, stats it is. 


My vote goes to Dan Marino's 1984 season.  He set two of the more incredible records with 5,084 yards and 48 TDs.  The TD record has fallen -twice- since, and players have flirted with the yardage record, so we tend to forget just how incredible these records were. To put these records in perspective, here are some facts:

  • When he broke the yardage record, only one other player had thrown for even 4,500 yards.  (Dan Fouts threw for 4,715 in 1980 and 4,802 in 1981.  Neil Lomax threw for 4,614 in the same year Marino broke the record)
  • He did it before the league was as pass happy as it has been in the last 10-15 years.  Of the 20 all-time single season yardage seasons, 11 occurred after 1994.  That doesn't sound like many, but if you factor in that 3 of the 9 that took place before 1994 were by Dan the Man himself, you start to get the idea.
    By the way, the other 6 top 20 seasons were by Warren Moon (he did it twice with the Houston Oilers' aesthetically pleasing run and shoot of the early nineties), Dan Fouts (twice), Neil Lomax and the immortal Lynn Dickey.
  • Although it's been broken twice, the TD record is even more incredible.  He broke the record with his 37th TD pass - and went on to throw another dozen.  In other words, he was throwing TDs as part of the flow of the game - rather than chasing a record (as Manning and Brady were doing).
  • After he broke the TD record, the next player to break 40 TDs was, well, Marino in 1986 (44 TDs).  Nobody threw 40 again until Kurt Warner in 1999 (41 TDs).
  • And, by the way, the Dolphins went 14-2 and reached the Super Bowl that year.



Now, let's hear your thought.  Which QB had the single greatest season ever.