The 100 Hottest Sports Pics Ever

Zack PumerantzAnalyst IIINovember 16, 2011

The 100 Hottest Sports Pics Ever

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    As the women of sports continue to present only the best provocative shots, eager fans yearn for more.

    From feisty WAGs and vivacious cheerleaders to beautiful athletes and their breathtaking fans, these women have laid the sod down for a sexy future. Even reporters can't resist the temptation.

    Their pics continue to entertain, having set a standard that can't be eclipsed. 

    Here is swagger's ultimate list of hot pics.


100. This Dolphin's Rich Past

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    It's been awhile since the oldest continually-operating major league sports franchise in Florida finished the only fully-perfect season (including Super Bowl) in NFL history.

    After the team won the Lombardi Trophy in 1973, it was easy for their sexy cheerleaders to exert bright smiles. 

    They don't seem quite as optimistic these days. 

99. Ashton Torres Shares Her Routine

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    The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders may be the best in the league, but it's Ashton Torres who keeps them prospering.

    While her breathtaking poses on the field are always appreciated, it's her pregame ritual here that presents fans with the ultimate motivation.

98. German Soccer at Its Finest

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    It seems as if Playboy yet again got the best of a throng of sexy athletes.

    The German women's soccer team not only didn't put up much of a fight, but they proved they were made for the camera.

97. Grid Girl Steals the Show

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    While some may question the excitement involved with numerous cars tediously racing in a circle for several hours, nobody can argue with the beauty involved.

    Grid Girls continue to be the best part of the race.

96. Melanie Collins Continues Her Rise

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    Some know her as the WAG of Florida Panthers winger Scottie Upshall, others as Big Ten Network's new Erin Andrews.

    Her affinity for the camera and undoubtedly-intriguing journalism have given Melanie Collins plenty of new fans who are now yearning for more.

95. The Classy Side of the Texas Longhorns

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    With her team having a 850-325-33 all-time record, it's easy for this sexy cheerleader to exuberantly express her happiness.

    She may want to find her way from the parking lot to the stadium, though, as kickoff is undoubtedly imminent.

94. Ana Ivanovic Quietly Dominates

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    This Serbian tennis star may be known for her former World No. 1-ranking, but it's her relationship with Australian golfer Adam Scott that has people enamored.

    With the stellar resume, illustrious beau and sexy shots, Ana Ivanovic is seemingly tackling every aspect of the sports world.

93. Gang Green Admires Its Talent

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    The New York Jets may have stumbled against the Patriots on Sunday with a heartbreaking 37-16 loss, but it's easy for their fans to stay optimistic with stellar performances from their sideline beauties.

    While most fans undoubtedly wish Jenn Sterger would approach cheerleading, they are likely pleased with the current staff.

92. Gemma Atkinson Becoming a Household Name

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    This English glamour model and actress has not only been one of the many conquests of Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, but was also engaged to English footballer Marcus Bent.

    Her beautiful performances on camera continue to garner fans and respect.

    Gemma Atkinson continues to rise to the top of the WAG world.

91. Remembering a Brief Tenure

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    They may have only existed from 1999-2011, but the Atlanta Thrashers and their one postseason appearance seemingly left a mark on the league with their unforgettably-sexy ice girls.

    While she seems far from pleased, this beauty is focused and determined to succeed on her skates. 

    Perhaps if the team had her scoring goals, more fans would've flocked to the arena.

90. These Marlins Swim Gracefully

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    After winning the World Series in 1997 and 2003, in the only two times they have made it to the postseason, the Marlins undoubtedly garnered more fan appreciation.

    However, it's their breathtaking dugout dancers who continue to attract league-wide reverence as arguably the best squad in the Major Leagues. 

89. French Fried Delight

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    The FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup in 2008 seemingly featured a bit more than just routine passing and shooting.

    With the world watching, this French cheerleader looks to leave an impression on her fans.

    Job well done.

88. Alina Kabaeva Is Well-Rounded

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    While her provocative tendencies lead fans to believe she is a prolific model, Alina Kabaeva is actually the most successful (retired) Russian rhythmic gymnast to date given her two Olympic medals, 18 world championship medals and her 25 European championship medals.

    The Mila Kunis double may also be the sexiest politician of all time. 

87. Ali Sonoma Makes Her Mark

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    There are many who naturally know her as the winner of the Hooters Swimsuit USA contest in 2004 and others who remember her as the WAG of MMA fighter Diego Sanchez.

    But it's Ali Sonoma's sexy poses that keep fans coming back.

86. Allison Stokke Doesn't Need to Try

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    From a star athlete in high school to a sexy Internet sensation, Allison Stokke has undoubtedly realized that looks are everything in sports.

    She may not pose for the attention, but her beauty likely yearns for the camera.

85. Anastasia Luppova Works the Pockets

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    She may be known as Miss Billiards 2009, but Russian sensation Anastasia Luppova doesn't need a resume to attract the camera.

    While she can clearly work the pockets, it's Luppova's beauty that garners respect.

84. Anna Semenovich Uses Natural Talent

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    The former competitive ice dancer may be a singer now that her athletic career is over, but Anna Semenovich is seemingly more prolific with her body than her voice.

    This Russian superstar just needs to show up.

83. Arianny Celeste Is a Champion

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    Arguably the sexiest UFC ring girl of all time, Arianny Celeste and her provocative shoots need no introduction.

    With her modeling resume including Maxim, FHM, Sports Illustrated and Playboy, it's safe to say she is a master of her craft.

    Fans are never disappointed.

82. Soaring over M&T Bank Stadium

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    Just how many dogs resemble their owners, most cheerleaders feature the same swagger as their teams. 

    Behind the fiery play of ball-hawking safety Ed Reed and crushing linebackers Terrell Suggs and Ray Lewis, the third-ranked Baltimore defense continues to create turnovers amidst a 6-3 start to the season.

    Their cheerleaders are just as vicious.

81. Belen Rodriguez Creates a Stir

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    While she is known in the sports world for her former relationship with Italian footballer Marco Borriello, Argentinian model and showgirl Belen Rodriguez excites the crowd with her on-camera prowess.

    Soccer WAGs continue to impress fans with their exotic tendencies.

80. Carmen Electra's Rebellious Stage

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    With all the negativity surrounding the Kardumphries' pathetic 72 days of life-long happiness, Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian can still take solace in the fact that they had nowhere near the shortest marriage.

    Carmen Electra may be able to handle being a breathtaking on-screen presence, but she clearly couldn't handle Hall-of-Famer Dennis Rodman's eccentricities. 

79. Carrie Prejean Takes over the NFL

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    While she may be the wife of Oakland Raiders backup quarterback Kyle Boller, Carrie Prejean is likely the breadwinner in the family.

    As Miss California USA 2009 and Miss USA 2009 first runner-up, ambassador for the San Diego Padres as a member of the Pad Squad since 2006 and a model for Target, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale's and Nordstrom, it's easy to see why she is easily more illustrious than her husband.

78. Cheryl Tweedy Can't Be Forgotten

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    The ex-wife of England footballer Ashley Cole, pop singer Cheryl Tweedy continues to embrace the camera with her vivacious poses.

    Her background may be planned, her outfit precisely chosen, but her natural beauty is far from created.

77. Zlata Takes a Breather

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    Russian former gymnast and current contortionist Zlata has officially made flexibility sexy.

    Never has such an uncomfortable showing seemed this attractive.

    The couch is losing its significance, as this is the ultimate position to watch the tube.

76. Danielle Lloyd Is No Angel

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    The former Miss England 2004 never seems shy about approaching the camera.

    After become Miss Great Britain 2006, her title was seized when it became known that she had posed for Playboy and had a relationship with one of the judges, footballer Teddy Sheringham.

    Not only did she regain her title in 2010, but Danielle Lloyd has only improved her on-camera ability.

75. Carly Cole Makes a Fantasy

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    This British fitness trainer and model may be known as footballer Joe Cole's wife, but Carly Zucker seems like the ultimate fantasy of any man in this shot.

    Nothing is sexier than a prehistoric woman.

74. The Talent in South Beach

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    While the Florida Dolphins already proved they have sexy cheerleaders, they are now giving fans a taste of their fanbase.

    They may have gone 1-15 in 2007 under Cam Cameron, but the feisty Dolphins are now led by former Heisman Trophy winner and comeback kid Reggie Bush and his solid 474 yards.

    They're optimistic with fans like this.

73. Lingerie Football League Has It Figured out

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    The Lingerie Football League may not be as popular as the NFL, but it still features some of the most vivacious athletes and hopeful models.

    Seeing them battle for inches is an extra.

72. Eliza Dushku with the Rebound

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    Former Laker Rick Fox may have only averaged 9.6 points per game throughout his career, but he shined in his love life.

    Mediocre, yet beautiful actress Eliza Dushku was the lucky victim in 2009, and the couple are now living together.

    A precious story.

71. An Accepting Atlanta Fanbase

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    When head coach Mike Smith told his Falcons to go for it on fourth down on their own 29-yard line, he was undoubtedly trying to inspire their fanbase.

    This fan was likely disappointed, but is still optimistic that 5-4 Atlanta can make the playoffs.

70. Eva Longoria Is Sorely Missed

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    There is no doubt that this former Desperate Housewife is thoroughly missed in the stands of the AT&T Center.

    The San Antonio Spurs are left with Tony Parker, easily the less illustrious part of the former couple.

69. Feredica Ridolfi Subtly Electrifies

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    Known as the WAG of former Italian footballer Giuliano Giannichedda, this Italian dancer is quite the spark plug on camera.

    Federica Ridolfi's dark and ominous nature compliments her melancholy background, easily garnering plenty of attention.

68. Gabrielle Union Has Company

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    Dwyane Wade may be stuck in a lockout this NBA season, but at least he has this beautiful (yet uninspiring) actress to spend time with.

    Gabrielle Union continues to entertain with her looks rather than her renditions, although Bad Boys II was riveting.

67. A Classy Program in Florida

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    Tim Tebow may have followed the pure path that the higher powers gave him, but he couldn't possibly ignore this loyal fan.

    An illustrious football program requires a stellar fanbase.

    Mission accomplished.

66. Improving the Big Blue

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    He may have 17 touchdowns and 2,688 yards so far, but Eli Manning must have a difficult time concentrating at practice with fans like this emulating his center. 

    David Baas is likely humbled by this fan's stellar form.

65. Giorgia Palmas Shares Her Unique Flavor

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    Known for her relationship with Italian footballer Davide Bombardini, model Giorgia Palmas always pleases her fans.

    She may seem like just another soccer WAG, but this exotic beauty has her own brand of tricks.

64. Gisele Bundchen Battles for Recognition

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    Tom Brady may be known for his three Super Bowl rings and his two Super Bowl MVP awards, but it's the illustrious Brazilian model, Gisele Bundchen, who keeps New England fans optimistic.

    Her provocative poses continue to compliment her husband's stellar quarterback play.

63. A Budding Star

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    While it's unclear whether fans want to tackle or admire this ball carrier, we're positive she is a stellar athlete. 

    She can't possibly fail with this kind of determination.

62. Head Chieftain in Kansas City

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    The Kansas City Chiefs may have lost budding star rusher Jamaal Charles, 2010 rookie sensation Eric Berry and perhaps signal caller Matt Cassel for the season, but the team can still look to their beautiful fans for support.

    She doesn't seem worried.

61. Packers Are Covering All Aspects

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    They may already be the best team in the league at 9-0, but it seems as if the Packers are attempting to have the best fanbase as well.

    Like their fans, this team is determined and fearless.

    It's only a matter of time before they are cemented in the record books.

60. The Main Event

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    If it's not already common knowledge that Grid Girls are possibly the best part of racing, it should be.

    Fans may attend races for the tailgating, or even the actual racing, but it's the girls that keep them engaged.

59. Jenn Sterger Can't Be Ignored

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    As fans continue to articulate Brett Favre's scandal with this former FSU Cowgirl, they realize even more why she's involved.

    Former Jets Gameday host Jenn Sterger continues to excite viewers with her provocative shots and riveting story

58. Irina Shayk Stretches the Limits

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    While this Russian model is known for her 2007 through 2011 appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and her cover on the latest issue, Irina Shayk continues to rise the WAG charts with her current relationship with Cristiano Renaldo.

    He must be truly inspired.

57. A Strong Italian Defense

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    Italian soccer has just gained a new appreciation from fans worldwide with this iconic shot.

    Not only does she present the ultimate defensive competition, but this obvious goaltender seems quite determined to prosper.

56. Katie Marshall Makes a Career Change

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    A former Lyon College soccer player, Katie Marshall is seemingly developing her ability in another field.

    She's taking her beauty to a bigger stage.

55. Kendra Wilkinson Is One of a Kind

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    Wide receiver Hank Baskett may be without a job in the NFL, but he sure has plenty of excitement going on at home.

    The beautiful Kendra Wilkinson, known as one of Hugh Hefner's three girlfriends, has her own show and continues to garner attention for her random dances.

54. The Lady Cats Make Things Interesting

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    They may have finished with an unspectacular record of 34-48 last season, but the Charlotte Bobcats had an aggressive and feisty cheer squad that kept them afloat.

    The Lady Cats never cease to excite.

53. Niki Ghazian Builds Her Resume

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    Not only was this Lingerie Football League beauty featured in Stars Confidential's "100 Most Beautiful Worldwide" List in 2009, but Niki Ghazian was also known for her association with footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

    Having appeared in FHM, this model and socialite continues to work her way to the top.

52. Larra Dutta Wipes the Slate Clean

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    Once known as Derek Jeter's WAG, this Indian actress and model seems perfect for the big-city scene.

    She can seemingly handle any situation.

51. Larissa Riquelme Shows Her Loyalty

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    This Paraguayan model first garnered attention for her intriguing poses during the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

    Known as Paraguay's No. 1 fan, Larissa Riquelme showed viewers the unique way in which she holds her cell phone.

50. A Giant Win

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    At 6-3, the G-Men essentially control their own destiny in the NFC East.

    However, since 2004, the Giants are a combined 47-17 in the first eight games of the regular season and a combined 24-32 in the second half.

    These fans always keep things interesting.

49. Lauren Pope Spins Records

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    Known as the WAG of English footballer Shaun Wright Phillips, English glamour model and disc jockey Lauren Pope is clearly determined to impress viewers.

    The background may be a bit too abstract, but her simple pose completes the shot.

48. Luli Fernandez Stirs Up Drama

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    With this Argentinian model's sexy poses, it's easy to see why she was involved in a love triangle between boyfriend Pablo Mouche and his teammate Juan-Roman Riquelme. 

    Hard for any set of teammates to agree when they're dealing with this.

47. Malia Jones Shines in the Spotlight

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    This model and surfer has seemingly found the ideal spot on the beach, as well as an understanding cameraman.

    Malia Jones was naturally one of America's "10 Sexiest Athletes" by Esquire, and continues to impress more than just surfing enthusiasts with her electric beauty.

46. Minka Kelly Gets Comfortable

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    Known in the sports world for her affiliation with the captain and shortstop of the New York Pinstripes, illustrious actress Minka Kelly may not impress with her role as a Charlie's Angel, but she does have a talent for the photo shoot.

    She's just enjoying her natural state.

45. Misa Campo Always Surprises

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    Whether Misa Campo is still willing to wear this jersey following the Chargers' 4-5 start this season will undoubtedly define her loyalty.

    Considering she has also been seen in a Montreal Canadiens jersey, trusting her is tough.

44. Heather Mitts Runs the Show

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    While her name reeks of softball prowess, this sexy professional soccer player continues to climb the WAG ranks with her sexy encounters with the camera.

    As the wife of St. Louis Rams backup A.J. Feeley, Heather Mitts is seemingly the head honcho in the couple's household.

    Her smile confirms our assumption.

43. Natalie Gulbis Improves Her Sport

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    Golf has never been this sexy.

    While she may have more ability in front of the camera than she does on the course, Natalie Gulbis only inherits a spot on this list from her athletic prowess.

    She has a bright future in all endeavors.

42. Nikoleta Lozanova Climbs the Ranks

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    This Bulgarian model and 2006 Playmate of the Year may have modeled for FHM and Maxim, but she is known in sports as the WAG of footballer Nikolay Mihaylov.

    Nikoleta Lozanova clearly isn't afraid to show the sports world what she's got.

41. Noemie Lenoir Changes the Pace

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    While she is no longer with retired footballer Claude Makelele, illustrious French model Noemie Lenoir still has a son with him, connecting her forever with the world of WAGs.

    Known for her sexy acting and prolific photo shoots, Lenoir continues to excite her fans.

40. Melissa Molinaro Is a New Breed

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    Some may say that pop star Melissa Molinaro is a Kim Kardashian look-alike, but we believe she is the better version.

    Bereft of the aggravating drama and long list of famous conquests in the life of her Kardashian counterpart, Molinaro is climbing the WAG charts as Reggie Bush's significant other.

    He should think more than twice before running back to Kim.

39. Amanda Pflugrad's Shining Moment

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    Former Oregon Ducks cheerleader Amanda Pflugrad has a natural affinity for the camera that undoubtedly helped her garner a strong following.

    With an odd name and iconic smile, her employers will certainly remember her.

38. Pamela Diaz Wins the Camera over

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    Known as the ex-wife of the Chilean forward Manuel Neira, this beauty can't possibly be forgotten.

    Her aura reeks of experience and her stare is mesmerizing. Pamela Diaz can't lose.

37. A Brutal Wrestling Match

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    They may seem to be in pain, but these Bodog girls are seemingly determined to attract a crowd.

    It's safe to say the sport of MMA is eagerly stumbling for the phone.

36. A Dedicated New England Following

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    After the Patriots trampled the Jets on Sunday Night Football, it was clear that fans would be sporting the necessary attire the following day at work.

    This sexy fan seemingly stood tall as the most loyal.

35. Soccer at Its Best

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    As the fireworks explode in the background, the jaws of fans drop to the floor in awe.

    This is the ultimate male fantasy: soccer and women tied together in a sexy display of dominance.

    It doesn't get better.

34. A New York Swagger

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    The 6-3 Giants clearly wish they finished strong on Sunday, but they are undoubtedly pleased about their performance against the 9-1 Niners.

    Like their fans, Big Blue is close to reaching stardom behind Eli Manning and his fifth-best 97.0 quarterback rating and shoulder shrugging.

33. The Black Hole's Secret Weapon

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    At 5-4, the Oakland Raiders naturally have high playoffs hopes, and their fanbase is seemingly very supportive.

    The Black Hole may seem like a fiery unit, but in reality, they dominate with beauty and grace.

32. Ashley Russell Makes an Entrance

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    A stellar introduction to Yahoo! Sports and's newest online sports reporter.

31. Sara Tommasi Requires World-Wide Respect

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    Italian footballer Mario Balotelli scored the goal of his life with model Sara Tommasi.

    She's sure to gain respect from more than just the soccer world.

30. Italian Rugby Yearns for Attention

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    Italy has once again impressed the enthusiastic throng of fans, but this time in a different sport.

    She may have a football in hand, but this fan's shirt speaks of a loyalty to rugby.

29. Shana Hiatt Has a Full House

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    Not only was she Miss Hawaiian Tropic USA in 1995 and a hostess on the World Poker Tour, but Shana Hiatt seemingly has an affinity for the camera that can't be ignored.

    Poker is clearly a contact sport.

28. The Redskins Are Still Alive

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    The Washington Redskins continued to approach mediocrity this past week with a loss to the lowly Miami Dolphins, leaving their sexy fanbase as the only positive left in the season.

    With focus like this, she can dominate the game of inches.

27. Stacy Keibler Embraces Her Nicknames

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    Known for her work with the WCW and WWE, former professional wrestler Stacy Keibler always excites a zealous crowd.

    She may have done a bit of acting as well, but her titles as "The Legs of WCW" and "The Legs of WWE" have seemingly gotten her the most recognition. 

26. Taira Turley Dominates the Combine

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    With fans craving a mix of beautiful women and football, Lingerie Football League star Taira Turley presents the ideal fantasy.

    She can do it all on and off the field.

25. The Texans Are Down but Not out

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    This pose is more about leading her followers than an authentic worry-free attitude.

    Houston Texans fans are understandably uncertain with the future of this season following the loss of their star signal caller, but they can finally relax with the cheerleaders exerting such laid-back optimism.

24. Dollicia Bryan Reveals Her Dangerous Side

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    While she may be dating Rob Kardashian currently, Dollicia Bryan is known in sports as the former WAG of "one of the hardest-hitting safeties in the league," Darren Sharper.

    He'd have to be to handle this beauty.

23. Vedrana Linardic Creates a Masterpiece

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    Known in soccer as the WAG of Tottenham defender Vedran Corluka, Croation model Vedrana Linardic never has a problem garnering attention.

    Her perfection reeks of photo shop, but it's not.

22. Leryn Franco Stands Tall

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    She may specialize in the javelin throw, but it's Leryn Franco's ability to dominate the camera that garners an audience.

    Having become a sensation during the 2008 Beijing Olympics, this Paraguayan model is seemingly always improving her presence.

21. Traci Lynn Johnson Is a Star

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    Former Giants star Tiki Barber must be pleased with his lack of current NFL opportunity, considering he gets to come home to this beauty.

    Traci Lynn Johnson keeps the former running back somewhat relevant.

20. Vida Guerra Multiplies Her Beauty

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    This Cuban-born model may be known for her work with Playboy and FHM, and as the former WAG of NFL tight end Jeremy Shockey, but it's her appearance in Dave Chappelle's rendition of R-Kelly that deserves the most recognition.

    She can't be ignored.

19. A Strong Supporting Cast in Boston

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    With the Red Sox missing the playoffs last season amidst unexpected inebriation talk, all they had to look forward to was their beautiful fans.

    These loyal followers are seemingly shadowing the team with their sexy poses and exuberant smiles.

18. Vanessa Perroncel Doesn't Hesitate

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    She may have been at the middle of an awkward love triangle with Chelsea teammates Wayne Bridge and John Terry, but Vanessa Perroncel wasn't undecided about her decision to enter the spotlight.

    This French model may have hurt England's World Cup chances, but she never disappoints her fans.

17. Atlanta's Motivational Fanbase

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    After former Boston College rookie Matt Ryan threw for 3,440 and 16 touchdowns in 2008, many likely wondered how he'd handled the pressure so well.

    It's safe to say these fans motivated him.

16. Sylvie van der Vaart Engages an Audience

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    This Dutch television personality and model may be known as the wife of footballer Rafael van der Vaart, but it's her sexy photo shoots that have risen her to the top of the WAG world.

    Sylvie van der Vaart has the glaring stare of a determined champion.

15. An Efficient Distraction

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    Soccer has seemingly caught on to hockey's method of creating distractions to prepare for crucial games.

    This fan certainly presents a tough task for any determined football club.

14. Jenn Brown Improves Journalism

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    There's seemingly no better way to please viewers and increase ratings than with a sexy sportscaster such as Jenn Brown gracing the lens.

    A former Florida Gators softball player who finished fifth on the team's career stolen base list and current ESPN sportscaster, Brown continues to excite sports fans with her stellar on-camera work.

13. Arianny Celeste Is God's Gift

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    While holding up a card with the given round on it may seem simple, Arianny Celeste also has a throng of eager fans to impress.

    Considering she was voted "The Hottest UFC Octagon Girl" in the May 2010 issue of Maxim (where she was the cover model) and she placed No. 23 on Maxim's Hot 100 list for 2010, it's safe to say she never fails.

12. Vida Guerra Rains on Her Own Parade

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    While we already realize Carolina Panther Jeremy Shockey is a lucky man, we get to see another pic of his illustrious former WAG, Vida Guerra.

    She never ceases to amaze the crowd.

11. Carmella DeCesare Is a Star

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    Jeff Garcia must be pleased with the lack of calls he has received from NFL front offices, considering he gets to spend his free time admiring his wife.

    She may have been Playboy magazine's Miss April 2003 and Playmate of the Year for 2004, but continues to embrace sports fans with her athletic poses.

10. Willa Ford Hasn't Retired

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    While Dallas Stars great Mike Modano may have retired as the all-time goal-scoring and points leader amongst American-born players in the NHL, his sexy wife surely hasn't been lost in the minds of fans.

    Her sporadic acting appearances, provocative modeling endeavors and sexy poses give fans hope that Modano will always be remembered.

9. Preparing for the Big Game

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    It seems like the hockey has taken a page out of the football's book and made it better.

    With football teams often creating distractions for their players to prepare them for the noise level of big games, only one aspect is missing.

    Hockey players must be focused to avoid this distraction.

8. Cheer to the Rescue in Houston

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    The Houston Texans may be without Matt Shaub for the rest of the season, but they clearly have some stellar options behind him.

    If Matt Leinart doesn't suffice, perhaps they can approach their sexy cheerleaders.

7. Unique New York

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    Pinstripes rookie Ivan Nova may be disappointed with his fourth-place finish in the Rookie of the Year voting, but he can feel proud that fans like this are behind him.

    16-4 with a 3.70 ERA will certainly garner some fan appreciation.

6. Bia and Branca Feres Always Synchronize

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    As prolific as they are at synchronized swimming, these twins are that much better at modeling.

    Bia and Branca Feres were on the cover of Brazilian magazine VIP in July 2008, and continue to show their on-camera brilliance.

5. Cheese Is Always Moldy in Green Bay

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    As the Packers continue to trample opponents behind their fourth-ranked 409.7 yards per game, their breathtaking fanbase cheers with pride.

    The Cheeseheads are known for their loyalty and fanatical nature, but it's dedication like this that motivates the rest of the crowd.

4. Dreaming in Blue

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    While it may seem like fans are jumping on the New York Giants bandwagon, in reality these photo shoots were arbitrarily chosen with the best.

    We couldn't possibly turn this one down.

3. A Heated Persuasion

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    The Miami Heat may have been furiously disappointed with last season's NBA Finals loss to the Dallas Mavericks, but they were still pleased with the play of their dance team.

    This girl seemingly has the experience to persuade all fans to cheer.

2. The Toughest Course

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    While we now know that Grid Girls are stellar at their craft, this fan is undoubtedly not employed by any team.

    She was likely hired by the owner of the race track to distract anxious racers.

1. Beautifully-Proper Form

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    It seems as if this soccer fan was not pleased with Zinedine Zidane's infamous headbutt on Marco Materazzi.

    With her exaggerated posture, it's clear she is telling him to keep his head away from opponents.

    She's got the athletic prowess to dominate without it.