UFC on Fox: Cain Velasquez vs. Junior Dos Santos Q & A

Kyle Symes@ksymes88Correspondent IIINovember 14, 2011

UFC on Fox: Cain Velasquez vs. Junior Dos Santos Q & A

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    The UFC on Fox event brought with it a great amount of hype and potential.

    It also gave us a lot of questions that need answers. Is Junior Dos Santos the next great thing at heavyweight? Can he be beaten? And what of Cain Velasquez now?

    So where do the winners and losers go from here? How will Fox handle future UFC events? Was Saturday night a failure?

    Luckily for you, we at Bleacher Report have all the answers for you.

Can Junior Dos Santos Be Beaten?

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    Junior dos Santos has certainly looked unbeatable during his UFC tenure. He's not only beaten a who's-who, he's demolished them.

    He's faced both strikers and grapplers and emerged as the clear victor in every match. His knockouts of Fabricio Werdum, Gilbert Yvel and Stefan Struve are all highlight reel worthy knockouts.

    Just as we thought Cain Velasquez was going to rule over the heavyweight division, our beliefs can quickly be turned into a fallacy.

    Of course dos Santos can be beaten which begs the question of who stands the best chance to beat him...

Can Brock Lesnar or Alistair Overeem Beat JDS?

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    Junior dos Santos won't have a lot of time to enjoy his new shiny belt. His next challenger has already been tabbed as the winner of the Brock Lesnar vs. Alistair Overeem bout.

    Both men present a different problem for the new champion.

    Lesnar has some of the best wrestling in the UFC and would no doubt waste little time shooting for his patented double leg.

    His athletic ability, combined with his raw power and wrestling talent, would test JDS' takedown defense in a way we haven't seen yet.

    Overeem's biggest strength is his kickboxing. He's a K1 champion and has some of the best kickboxing in the heavyweight division.

    Overeem no doubt could out-strike JDS on the feet but as we've seen, standing with dos Santos isn't the best way to ensure a fighter leaves the Octagon with all his senses.

What's Next for Cain Velasquez?

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    Cain Velasquez has a tough road ahead of him. He's not completely buried in the heavyweight division, but it will take an impressive performance in his next bout for him to get a rematch.

    Velasquez has a few options for his next bout. He could take on the winner of the Frank Mir vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira bout to decide the next title contender.

    He could also rematch Cheick Kongo, who's been making his case that the former champion "got lucky."

    Whoever his opponent is, Velasquez will need to put on a dominant performance to reassure his fans that he truly is back from his injury and cage rust.

Did Dana White "Bury" Cain Velasquez?

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    If you haven't seen the post-fight analysis provided by Brock Lesnar and Dana White, be sure to check it out.

    Instead of concentrating on his new champion, as the question was meant to focus on, White simply discredited the former champion.

    It's no secret that White and the UFC wanted Velasquez to succeed and build on their attempts to market to the Latino market, and maybe that's why White took the loss so hard.

    We all know White is the biggest fan of the UFC, but when given your first opportunity to speak to a wide audience, he should've spoken as "Dana White: The Businessman" instead of "Dana White: The Fan."

Did Fox Mishandle the Event?

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    Fox Sports promoted the event as if it were a boxing PPV. But MMA events aren't top-heavy like a boxing show.

    Instead of billing a show about the main event, a UFC show is littered with good fights. The undercard and preliminary bouts can be just as exciting as the main event.

    As you can see, a fight in MMA can end at any second. A 30-minute preview of the match wasn't necessary and could've been used to showcase the exciting Ben Henderson vs. Clay Guida bout instead.

    It was a trial run for both the UFC and Fox Sports, so I'm sure both sides will learn from what they did wrong.

Was the UFC on Fox a Failure?

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    By now, most fans have read online about how a lot of people in the MMA world feel the event was a failure. Most analysts predicted the championship bout needed to go at least one round to get people "in" to the sport.

    As far as I'm concerned, I really can't see how the event was a failure at all.

    We saw the crowning of a new champion and saw an exciting match between lightweight title contenders.

    Dana White said this was just something extra with the UFC-Fox Sports deal and both sides learned what to do from now on.

    There's going to be a learning curve for both sides as they learn how to cater to both the hardcore MMA fan and the casual fan.

    And we got a free UFC title fight. How can you complain about that?