UFC on FOX Complaints: Fans Are at Fault for Expecations of More Fights

Joe ChaconContributor IIINovember 14, 2011

UFC on FOX drew more viewers than every NCAA Football game this season with the exception of LSU vs. Alabama.
UFC on FOX drew more viewers than every NCAA Football game this season with the exception of LSU vs. Alabama.Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

As the tweets came rolling in, Dana White became agitated. Fans were complaining about everything from the Fox theme music to the fact that only one fight was being shown on television. That was just the calm before the storm.

Once Cain Velasquez was knocked out by Junior dos Santos at 1:04 of the first round, the complaints continued to roll in. Fans were saying they wasted a whole night to see one quick fight.

For the last three weeks, the UFC has promoted "UFC on FOX" as a one-televised-match event. Every single fight Saturday night was broadcast live on Facebook and FoxSports.com beginning at 1:45 p.m. (PST). Furthermore, the UFC and Fox deal does not go into effect until 2012. This heavyweight championship bout was an event Dana and the UFC wanted to put on for the fans as a glimpse into 2012 as to how things are going to look. It was never advertised as anything more than a one-fight broadcast.

UFC fans are going to have to get used to the idea of having red carpet events and all of the commercialized aspects that come with the success of going mainstream. There are a group of UFC fans who want the product all to themselves. They don't want to see Glee stars being interviewed before the fight, and they don't want to hear the NFL on FOX theme music throughout the broadcast.

On the flip side, there are fans of the sport who are excited to see the UFC arrive on the Fox platform and thought the integration of the Fox production and the UFC style worked well hand-in-hand. If a fan believed they were going to tune in Saturday night to see a fight card similar to how the pay-per-views are structured, they haven't seen the commercials on Fox, the tweets from the UFC or read the UFC website or any of the UFC emails. The point is that the fans should have known what Saturday night was going to entail.