Fantasy Football: 10 Strategies That Backfired This Season

Matt LeirdahlContributor IIINovember 15, 2011

Fantasy Football: 10 Strategies That Backfired This Season

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    Drafting Chris Johnson and Jamaal Charles in the first round seemed like great strategies at the beginning of the season. They have since backfired.

    Charles is out for the season, and Johnson has been mediocre at best. 

    This has left fantasy football owners in a tough spot. 

    Here are 10 strategies that have backfired for fantasy football owners this season. 

Drafting Peyton Manning

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    At the beginning of the season, most people speculated that Peyton Manning would be ready to go at some point during the 2011 season. 

    As a result, many drafted him for when he would be able to play. 

    It turns out that his injury is more serious than many thought. His return this season is highly unlikely.

    It was a good strategy to draft him, but unfortunately it has backfired on those who used it. 

Drafting Jamaal Charles

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    Those who drafted Jamaal Charles in the first round probably felt pretty good. 

    Not anymore.

    In Week 2, Charles suffered a season-ending injury, leaving fantasy football owners with nothing. 

    At least this strategy backfired quickly, so owners could go out and get someone like DeMarco Murray. 

Drafting Chris Johnson

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    There is no doubt that the biggest dud of the 2011 season has been Chris Johnson.

    In many leagues, he was drafted as the No. 1 overall pick. Those who did are probably regretting it. 

    This season, he only has two touchdowns and averages 3.4 yards per carry. 

    He did have a good game in Week 10, so maybe things will turn around.

Relying on the Indianapolis Colts

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    In the past, the Indianapolis Colts wide receiver corps has been a gold mine for fantasy football owners. 

    Not this year. 

    Because Peyton Manning is most likely out for the season, the Colts are stuck with Curtis Painter. 

    He has not been giving receivers like Dallas Clark and Reggie Wayne the looks that they normally get.

    Having pretty much anyone on the Colts has been a disaster for fantasy football owners. 

Trusting Michael Vick

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    Coming into 2011, Michael Vick may have been the most hyped fantasy football player. 

    He has not lived up to it. 

    Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles have been spotty all season. Sure, they have shown flashes of brilliance, but nothing consistent.

    For fantasy football owners, it has been either feast or famine. 

    Those who drafted Vick early in the first round are probably struggling this season due to his lack of consistency.

Drafting Running Backs in the First Round

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    2011 has no doubt been the year of the quarterback. 

    Most of the top scorers in fantasy football have been quarterbacks. 

    While running backs like Fred Jackson have been great, they were not drafted in the first round. There have also been players like DeMarco Murray

    First-rounders like Jamaal Charles and Chris Johnson have been disappointing, making those who drafted an elite quarterback in better position. 

Drafting Peyton Hillis

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    After his breakout season in 2010, there was no reason to expect that Peyton Hillis' hot streak wouldn't continue. 

    Hillis has been horrible for fantasy football owners. For most of the season, he has been struggling with injury, and for the rest he just hasn't been good.

    Hopes were high for Hillis, but many fantasy football owners have found that he has been a wasted pick.

    Hopefully, he can pick up the pieces after he returns from his injury.  

Not Picking Up a Quarterback Early

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    In past years, waiting to draft a quarterback has been successful for many. This year, however, it probably hasn't worked out as well

    This is the year of the quarterback. Getting an elite one early was key. 

    Because there have been several good free agent running backs on the market, those who waited to draft a running back and picked up one of those are probably in good shape. 

Depending on Philip Rivers

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    2011 just hasn't been a good year for Philip Rivers fantasy-football wise. 

    He has thrown 13 touchdowns compared to 15 interceptions and has fumbled six times. 

    He also has been pretty inconsistent, some games throwing for four touchdowns, other games throwing none.

    Many owners drafted Rivers as a top-tier quarterback. He has been mediocre this season. 

    It has backfired on anyone who kept him as a keeper from last season or drafted him as their first pick instead of someone else. 

Drafting Andre Johsnon

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    Andre Johnson had a great start to his season. Unfortunately, in Week 4 he suffered a hamstring injury. 

    He has not played since. 

    Those who spent a first-round draft pick on Johnson are probably not happy. 

    Quarterback Matt Shaub sustained a season-ending injury in Week 10. Things don't look good for Johnson.

    While it was a good strategy at the beginning of the season, it has most definitely has backfired.