Toronto Maple Leafs' Main Competition: Mediocrity

John DeerCorrespondent IDecember 16, 2008

As we reach the 30 game mark of the 2008-2009 NHL season, it looks like the ugly face of mediocrity is staring the Buds right in the eyes again.

After tonight's shootout victory over the Martin Broduer-less New Jersey Devils. The Leafs boosted their record to a bland 12-12-6. Which places them neither in a playoff spot, or in a spot to be "awarded" a top-five lottery pick. As it stands right now our beloved Leafs sit in 23rd out of the NHL's 30 teams.

I, along with many Leaf fans I converse with (over this thing we can the inter-web) have been praying since day one of the season, that the Leafs not be in that 'niether here or there' state in the standings. But I digress, alas here we are.

So what do the Leafs do before this Trade Deadline?

Well, I have some suggestions.

First thing I would do if I was GM...

(I would get off my armchair GM seat)

I would call up our not so "blue chip" prospect in Justin Pogge, and let him once and for all get that much-needed first game under his belt. And not just put him there for one game, but let him take the reigns for a month—give Toskala a seat.

I would give Jeremy Williams every opportunity to prove he belongs—by playing him the first line, and on the first power-play crew.

Finally, I would demote Blake to the minors. Nice shootout goal today, by the way!

What would you do?