Cable's Anger at Raiders' Departure

Colin Mehigan@@colinmehiganCorrespondent IDecember 16, 2008

If I got a dollar every time the media referred to Tom Cable to as "The Cable Guy" I would have enough money to run the Arena League in 2009.

Cable may not have distinguished himself as the Raiders head coach but at least he has class.

Cable may have thought Sebastian Janikowski was a running back but at least he didn't quit on the team. Unlike James Cregg and Lane Kiffin.

Yesterday Cregg linked up with Kiffin as Tennessee's offensive line coach. In all likelihood he would have been fired anyway at the season's end but he could have had the dignity to have waited until after the last game of the season on December 28.

Cable admonished Cregg for his swift departure and had every right to do so. Cable's tenure is quite tenuous anyway but at least he hasn't bailed on the job in hand.

Similarly Kiffin tried to scramble over Bobby Petrino to get the Arkansas job 12 months ago. This was long before he was stripped of personnel duties by Al Davis and long before the now infamous resignation letter sent to him by Davis.

Kiffin did his utmost to get fired (in the hope of getting paid) and he has got a free pass from the media. If he coached anywhere else I believe he would have been vilified for his puerile behaviour (i.e. Bobby Petrino).

Tom Cable will part company with the Raiders in two weeks time but he will leave with his head held high and with his dignity intact.