5 Reasons Andy Reid Should Be Fired Immediately

Hunter AnsleyCorrespondent IIINovember 14, 2011

5 Reasons Andy Reid Should Be Fired Immediately

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    Andy Reid couldn't have enjoyed leaving the field after Sunday's home loss to the Arizona Cardinals. Colors probably seemed dimmer, birds sang out of tune and food lost its taste. Maybe not the last one.

    But with the Eagles and their "Dream Team" sinking to 3-6 and all but guaranteed to miss the playoffs, the future could get even worse than the present for Reid.

    I'm sure Philadelphia has their own reasons for wanting Reid gone, and there seem to be a few to choose from, but just in case they need some help, here's the best I can do.

He Makes Mock Drafts Difficult

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    Maybe not for everyone, but as far as I'm concerned, Philadelphia is one of the harder teams to peg when it comes to penning a mock.

    I'm not saying no one knew that the Eagles would draft Danny Watkins with their first pick last April, and it was certainly a pick I liked at a position they needed to upgrade, but no one knew that the Eagles would draft Danny Watkins with their first pick last April.

    With Reid out of the picture, maybe I could get a read on Philly's draft plans...

Someone Has To Save Donovan McNabb's Twilight Years

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    Seriously, this guy is falling apart without Andy Reid. Since leaving the Eagles, McNabb has managed to make a mockery of himself, first by getting replaced by Rex Grossman, and second by throwing for 39 yards against the Chargers and failing to create any offense despite having Adrian Peterson in the backfield.

    With Reid freed of his commitments to the Eagles, he'd be clear to get back together with his BFF and start working on three step drops and getting the ball through the center of the giant Dr. Pepper can.

    In no time, McNabb would be ready to rejuvenate or kickoff another quarterback's career in any one of seven lovely Canadian cities.

He Totally Burned the Cardinals with the Kevin Kolb Trade

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    There's no doubt who won this trade. Sure, the Cardinals just flew into Philadelphia and toppled the Eagles, but even they knew it couldn't be done with Kolb, so they made sure he was injured and started John Skelton.

    The results speak for themselves. The Cardinals are now the better team, of course, but the Eagles are making them spend $65 million on a backup and just $1.9 million on their starter, which is pretty good as far as NFL trade pranks go.

    No team is safe with this level of lunacy in the league, especially when none of those teams even have Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, easily the best secondary pickup in the NFL in 2011.

He Benched DeSean Jackson

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    For missing a meeting. Let that sink in. DeSean Jackson gets paid millions of dollars to...Oh wait, no he doesn't. Sorry, DeSean. But he gets paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to go to practice, go to meetings and go to games. 

    And he didn't go to a meeting. A special teams meeting. And it was on a Saturday.


    If the Cleveland Browns have proven anything, and they haven't proven much, it's that benching and ignoring a star player who is unhappy with his contract is the best way to end up with only three wins through Week 10 of the season.

The Eagles Are 3-6

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    Look, Andy Reid's been a great coach for a long time, and he's having a tough season because a lot of new faces are on the team, and none of them seem to be interested in blocking anyone. Ever.

    And after making such marquee additions in the offseason, the expectations were naturally high. But anyone who's watched Season 7 of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia knows that disappointment is no stranger to this city.

    The Eagles should have been a legitimate Super Bowl contender, and while Reid couldn't control the lockout and the stunted offseason, he's now managed to lose to every team with a winning record on his schedule, except for Dallas whose schizophrenia makes them a non-point in the argument.

    There's still time to turn it around, and I have no reason to want Andy Reid out of Philadelphia, but if he can't win with this team, then his next chance could very well come with another.