Albert Haynesworth and 7 NFL Players Teams Avoid for Good Reason

Adam OdekirkContributor IINovember 14, 2011

Albert Haynesworth and 7 NFL Players Teams Avoid for Good Reason

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    Albert Haynesworth eclipsed his tackle total for the season with the New England Patriots today in his Buccaneers debut, but how long until he gets tired of playing in Tampa?

    There has never been a player who took a bigger nose dive after scoring a huge contract than Albert Haynesworth and for those who blame his lack of production in Washington on Mike Shanahan, please explain the failure in New England?

    If Haynesworth revitalizes his career in Tampa Bay it will be a shock and if not it will likely be the last time that a team ever takes a chance on him again.

    Here are a few more players that have already had their last chance in the NFL.

Randy Moss

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    There is simply no team in the league desperate for offense enough to risk bringing in the one man hurricane that is Randy Moss.

    Chemistry is something that gets talked about a lot and sometimes gets valued to highly, but when it comes to potentially destroying a locker room and causing a giant distraction chemistry is good enough reason to keep Moss off of NFL rosters.

Clinton Portis

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    It has been so long since Clinton Portis rushed for 3,000 yards over two seasons in Denver that NFL fans probably hardly remember how promising his young career was.

    A fateful trade to the Washington Redskins brought limited success for the remainder of his career and his brutal workload eventually used him up until no teams were willing to risk the injuries that were sure to come if he came back for 2011. 

Lofa Tatupu

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    Lofa Tatupu was a great linebacker for the Seahawks but his body started to break down and only Lofa himself didn't notice.

    The Seahawks, and probably other NFL teams, would have taken Tatupu for the right price. The right price is much cheaper than what the former Pro Bowler wants to admit he is worth.

    Until Tatupu gets fully healthy, or brings his price tag way down, his phone is not ringing for good reason.

Tank Johnson

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    There was a time when Johnson and his off the field antics fit in perfectly with the Cincinnati Bengals who had a permanent spot reserved at their local jail.

    That time has passed and so to has Johnson overstayed his welcome on NFL rosters. The risk is simply no longer worth the reward even for a team like the Denver Broncos who would take any warm body to help solidify their interior defensive line.

Lendale White

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    White is a player who probably got more chances to succeed in the NFL than he probably deserved. His tragic career was en equal mix of poor decisions off-the-field and badly-timed injuries.

    If NFL teams really believed that White knew how to take care of himself, and his business on the field he might be on a roster right now. Sadly that is the not the case.

Terrell Owens

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    Of all the players on this list TO may be the one who has rehabilitated his image enough to be welcome on an NFL roster. If he could rehab his ACL the same way then he might already be on one.

    This is a case where the spirit is willing but the flesh may finally be too weak for teams to give TO a chance. If he doesn't end up on a roster before the seasons end than it may be time to say goodbye for TO.

Tiki Barber

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    If Tiki Barber is wondering why he is schilling Nickelodeon children's events instead of being in the huddle of an NFL football team it could be because most executives and teams are pretty sure he is crazy.

    That analysis may be harsh, but perhaps no player has done a better job of erasing the credentials he accumulated on the field through his actions off it than Barber.

    No team is risking their chemistry to see if Barber still has gas in the tank.