Boxer Power Rankings—End of 2008

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Welcome to the final set of power rankings for 2008. With all due respect to Nikolai Valuev (actually, maybe not that much respect), everyone of consequence has finished their fight schedules for the year.

If you've been to before, you'll remember that this is not a pound-for-pound list (we recently did one of those too), but a pseudo-scientific way of ranking how boxers have been performing over a rolling three-year period.

Staying active, winning and winning by KO all help your score. Losing, obviously, does not. Fighting people who come into the bouts on winning streaks also helps. A "perfect" score would be 36, and anything above 20 is pretty damn good.

Some great boxers like Bernard Hopkins aren't on this list because they haven't been active enough. Pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao? He's here, but not holding down the top spot.

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