Anquan Boldin Video: Watch Ravens WR Eat a Helmet-to-Helmet Hit

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIINovember 13, 2011

It is always tough sledding at Qwest Field. It is the place where upsets happen, primarily because the Seahawks usually are the underdog, and their wins are upsets. The upset bug bit again. This time the 12th man helped victimize the Baltimore Ravens.

This was a pretty ugly play, especially because it involved Anquan Boldin again. Many may remember Boldin being a victim of a nasty helmet to helmet collision that left him with broken bones in his face while with the Cardinals. 

Boldin was the target once again, but this time the shooter was the recipient of the most damage. Kam Chancellor has become a notoriously hard hitter in the Seattle secondary, and he collides with Boldin head to head, and is clearly hurt after the hit.

He stayed on the ground for a while after the hit, ultimately making it to his feet, but he did not return to the game. Adding insult to injury, Chancellor was flagged with a 15-yard penalty for the reckless hit.

The Seahawks pulled out an unlikely win over the Ravens, 22-17. The Seahawks also lost Sidney Rice to an apparent concussion earlier in the game.

The Ravens are reeling. That is now two losses in a row. As tight as the AFC can get, with the Jets, Bills, Patriots, Bengals and the rival Steelers all vying for spots, they really need a win next week.

The Seahawks will try to build on this win with a win at St. Louis next week. The Ravens have a tough division game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Hopefully, Chancellor will be okay after this vicious collision.