Braves Could Have a Serious Lineup By Adding Furcal

Sean MatraiContributor IDecember 16, 2008

When you add Furcal to a lineup you are basically adding some "juice" to the lineup. He's definitely an excellent shortstop,and an excellent player. Adding Furcal to the Braves lineup would definitely boost their lineup if nothing more. You may ask this

Will Atlanta be competitive with the addition of Furcal?

The answer is unfortunately no. It is currently easy to see that the Braves Renaissance has ended,and that the Phillies and the Mets will be the two high powers in the NL East.

Sure, the Braves acquired Javier Vasquez which is a decent young starter.But when you face the Mets especially with their unstoppable pen now and the Phillies excellent lineup including Utley who's a machine, Howard, Rollins and the newly acquired Raul Ibanez the Braves will not stand a a chance. Losing on that Burnett deal really hurt them.

Go Braves