15 Most Amusing Accidental Hockey Video and Sound Bites

April WeinerCorrespondent INovember 14, 2011

15 Most Amusing Accidental Hockey Video and Sound Bites

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    Generally, having a camera around may be a hint that you’re on camera and may want to watch what you do or say.

    However, sometimes it can be very easy to forget that the camera is there, which has happened many times throughout the years, including to hockey players, coaches and announcers.

    Other times, some things just slip out unintentionally.

    Let’s take a look at some of the most amusing moments that we were probably never meant to hear or see. 

Jonathan Toews Slip

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    (Warning: NSFW)

    Jonathan Toews had just won another gold medal with Team Canada. 

    After any sports game, but especially an important one, the adrenaline is still going and it's hard to control yourself.

    That's why Toews can't be blamed for letting an F-bomb slip in his postgame interview. 

    It does however make for a great video, even years after it happened. 

Unaware That They're on the Air

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    A pair of local hockey announcers are blissfully unaware that they have returned from a commercial break and back live.

    Luckily for them, they weren't having an inappropriate conversation, but they probably didn't care to share that conversation for the public to hear.

    It's another video that has provided countless entertainment for those that have viewed it though. 

Mike Milbury: Crapitals

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    It's easy to mess up words, particularly when your brain is moving faster than your mouth is, so it's understandable that Mike Milbury got tongue-tied and accidentally called the Washington Capitals the "Crapitals."

    However, on a deeper psychological level was it a Freudian slip of his true opinion on the team? 

Henrik Lundqvist Cursing in His Post Game Interview

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    (Warning: NSFW)

    Henrik Lundqvist is understandably quite upset after a New York Rangers loss, particularly at his performance.

    He lets a few choice words slip in his postgame interview.

Craig Laughlin Swears on Air

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    (Warning: NSFW)

    Washington Capitals announcer Craig Laughlin had a low opinion of the goal that just went in, a sentiment probably shared by many.

    However, he shared his live on the air, which is generally looked down upon, particularly by the FCC. 

They Never Cut to Commercial

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    (Warning: NSFW)

    Jack Edwards and Andy Brickly thought they had cut to commercial during a Boston Bruins telecast, but unfortunately for them, they were still live.

    Brickly drops an F-bomb and is then informed that he's still live.

    His apology, which shows he isn't too concerned with what he just said, is what makes this video even more amusing. 

The Mics Are a Little Too Close to the Action

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    (Warning: NSFW)

    The mics are close enough to pick up what this referee is saying during the game and at one point his language is unsuitable for the telecast.

    The announcer may be the best part though.

    "And apparently, there's been warnings given and we'll just move on from that." 

More Language the Mics Pick Up

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    (Warning: NSFW)

    In another game, this time between the Tampa Bay Lightning and Phoenix Coyotes, the mics are again close enough to catch what the refs are saying.

    It's safe to say, we probably weren't meant to be privy to that particular conversation, live on TV. 

Ref Has Choice Words for New York Rangers Player

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    (Warning: NSFW)

    A New York Rangers player is having a conversation with the ref behind the Pittsburgh Penguins net. Whatever is said, the ref has an obscene comeback.

    It's safe to say that's another conversation we weren't meant to hear. 

Glen Murray Cursing at Officials

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    (Warning: NSFW)

    Glen Murray is sharing his feelings on a lack of a call with the officials.

    We weren't supposed to hear, but we did get to listen to the conversation between the two. 

We Get a Glimpse into Ryan Kesler's Chirping Abilities

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    (Warning: NSFW)

    We all know that chirping is going on on the ice during hockey games, but it's not often that we actually get to hear some of the lines said.

    That changed in this video, hearing some of Vancouver Canucks Ryan Kesler's one-liners. 

Pittsburgh Penguins Chirping Minnesota North Stars

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    (Warning: NSFW)

    Another chirping video that wasn't meant for our ears is this video with the Pittsburgh Penguins bench chirping the Minnesota North Stars. 

Andrew Ference Flips off Montreal Fans

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    Montreal fans aren't exactly beloved by opposing players, as is their goal. They're especially not beloved by Andrew Ference of the Boston Bruins.

    Ference scores a goal and celebrates by flipping off the Bell Centre crowd.

    However, he probably wouldn't have done that if he had realized that so many people at home and in the NHL offices would be watching and that he'd be fined for the move. 

Randy Carlyle Has a Message for the Refs

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    It might not have been as publicized as Andrew Ference's flipping off of Montreal fans (probably because it wasn't when everyone was watching and after a goal), but Randy Carlyle of the Anaheim Ducks has also been caught on camera with his middle finger up.

    Carlyle's gesture was directed at the refs though. 

Sidney Crosby Shows True Colors

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    (Warning: NSFW)

    Sidney Crosby knew the HBO cameras and mics would be on him for the games leading up to the Winter Classic, but it's safe to say that he momentarily forgot.

    I say that because Crosby has a pretty squeaky clean image off the ice, so he probably wouldn't like to be caught "cursing like a sailor" as the title puts it.