0-16? It's Possible, But The Lions Deserve To Win One

Curt HoggCorrespondent IIDecember 16, 2008

Times are bad in Detroit. The motor companies are begging for a bailout while on the verge of bankruptcy. The Tigers disappointed and Michigan football was very disappointing. And then there's the Lions.

We all know the headline questions. Will the Lions go 0-16? The truth is that it's possible and could very likely happen. Their two remaining games are against the Saints and the Packers, but the Lions don't deserve the 0-16 collar.

Truth is that Detroit has lost six games by one score or less. They also led Green Bay with five minutes left before blowing the lead and losing by a large margin. Those games show that they have been competitive, but not good enough to close one out.

The greater majority of the opponents they have on their schedule have winning or .500 records. Those teams are the Falcons, Bears, Vikings, Texans, Redskins, Titans, Panthers, Bucs, Titans, Colts, and Saints. That is 11 out of 16, or 69 percent.

Even as a Green Bay fan, I believe that the Lions should get a chance to win one game. Anytime a team goes 0-16 is sad, but when the city they play in is in an "economic catastrophe," they really deserve to win one game.

The Pack's season is over. So is New Orleans'. Detroit needs a win. Do you get my run?

I'm not saying go out, play like any of Oklahoma's last six opponents, but at least give them a shot. Don't play all the starters all game. I can't believe I'm saying this, but the Packers can go ahead and lose to an 0-15 (most likely 0-15) team. I'll take the humiliation at school of being the fan of the team who lost to the Lions, but I think it's something nice for Detroit.

In a way, the Lions have had a nice season. Despite going through four different quarterbacks at different times (Kitna, Orlovsky, Culpepper, and Henson), Calvin Johnson has put up Pro Bowl-worthy numbers. He was neglected the spot most likely because of his team.

The Lions do have some upside to them. Rookie running back Kevin Jones appears to have a bright future, as does Johnson. With the first draft pick in the 2009 Draft, they can get a quarterback, maybe Matt Stafford or Tim Tebow. A few upgrades to the defense and they could be slight playoff contenders. Note the words could and slight.

Rod Marinelli is going to be fired, that's an almost sure-fire. Save his sanity and give him a win. He is trying, for all the doubters out there.

So to all Detroit Lions fans out there (if any are willing to show their faces), who knows? You may get a win this year!