Dolphins-Chiefs: Miami Looking For Fresh Scalp In Kansas City

T.J. MorrillCorrespondent IDecember 16, 2008

The Miami Dolphins emerge from a victory in their home closer against San Francisco, and at 9-5, have a legitimate shot at the playoffs this year. The Dolphins are going to march into a cold Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri to try and scalp the Chiefs like they did in the preseason.

However, this Chiefs team is a lot different than the team the Dolphins saw and shutout in the preseason. The offense has been rejuvenated by a fresh young talent at QB, Tyler Thigpen. This Kansas City offense is a real pain in the neck if you let them be. We've seen them score 20+ points on some teams like San Diego and a lot of points against Denver.

The Chiefs offense is really tough. Thigpen has multiple options to throw to, with Tony Gonzales at tight end, Dwayne Bowe at receiver and Larry Johnson out of the backfield. Really a talented offense that can sneak up on a defense if they aren't paying attention.

The Chiefs defense has struggled all year, but so has the Dolphins offense in recent weeks. While eeking out enough points to win, the Dolphins offense only scored one touchdown in two of their last three wins against Buffalo and St. Louis. This has to change.

The offense needs to put up some better numbers and maybe get some more points this week if they want to remain in the playoff hunt with New England and New York.

The special teams were great last week and hopefully they can keep it up they will have a great field position advantage like they did against San Francisco last week, keeping them from starting a drive beyond the 25 but once.

The Dolphins should be able to accomplish all of this and continue their winning streak, but they can't get too cocky and overestimate themselves, underestimating this Kansas City Chiefs.

My prediction: 23-17 Dolphins