10 Sexiest Asian Sports Stars

Zaakir HoosenAnalyst INovember 13, 2011

10 Sexiest Asian Sports Stars

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    When it comes to the sexiest sportsmen and women, we generally tend to focus on Europe, Australia and most of the West.

    But there's no doubt Asia has been a huge contributor to world sports and should be recognised.

    With massive populations, Asian countries are usually well-represented at sporting events globally, but who deserves to make the list when it comes to identifying who is hot and who is not.

    This is a shortlist of the ten hottest Asian sportswomen.

No. 10 Dipika Pallikal

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    Name: Dipika Pallikal

    Country: India

    Age: 20

    Sport: Squash

    Young, sexy and very talented.

    Those are the three most powerful words in sports, especially when you need to win over a billion-plus hearts.

No. 9 Guo JingJing

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    Name: Guo JingJing

    Country: China

    Age: 30

    Sport: Diving

    Having announced her retirement this year, she is still the most decorated female diver of all time, also winning the three-metre springboard event at five consecutive World Championships.

    Her talents on the board aren't the only reason she makes this list—Guo has definitely got the looks and body to go with the superstar status.

No. 8 Zheng Jie

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    Name: Zheng Jie

    Country: China

    Age: 28

    Sport: Tennis

    For many in the western world, the Chinese can seem too familiar and not always the "sexy type."

    But Zhengi has the face of an angel along with her excellence on the court.

No. 7 Miwa Asao

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    Name: Miwa Asao

    Country: Japan

    Age: 25

    Sport: Beach Volleyball

    Loved in Japan, she has been the catalyst for beach volleyball in the country.

    I'm unsure whether it's because of the love for the sport or the pleasure of watching beautiful women hit a ball over a net.

No. 6 Sania Mirza

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    Name: Sania Mirza

    Country: India

    Age: 24

    Sport: Tennis

    Another tennis star, this time from India.

    Sania could almost be the perfect woman—sexy, intelligent and very talented. She's also very young and has already made her mark on the big stage. 

    Competing for status in the looks category in India is a tough job against the big deal Bollywood stars, but there's no doubt Sania has held her own.

No. 5 Mari Motohashi

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    Name: Mari Motohashi

    Country: Japan

    Age: 25

    Sport: Curling

    Mari has beautiful eyes, and when she's curling at the Olympics, there's no doubt television audiences make sure not to turn away.

No. 4 Hee Kyung Seo

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    Name: Hee Kyung Seo

    Country: South Korean

    Age: 25

    Sport: Golf

    When she's wearing a short skirt, it is very hard to not compare her to the beauties of the West, but Hee Kyung also has a cute face to go with the figure.

    She has also begun to make her mark on the international scene.

No. 3 Xue Chen

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    Name: Xue Chen

    Country: China

    Age: 22

    Sport: Beach Volleyball

    She's tall and extremely talented. Representing a country with well over a billion people means you need to be really good at what you do, or have some of the most amazing looks.

    It seems Xue Chen has both, and she knows how to rock them on the sand.

No. 2 Tania Sachdev

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    Name: Tania Sachdev

    Country: India

    Age: 25

    Sport: Chess

    It's not rocket science to understand why the beautiful Indian continues to be victorious—she has the eyes that can distract almost any competitor.

No.1 Kim Yu-Na

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    Name: Kim Yu-Na

    Country: South Korean

    Age: 21

    Sport: Figure Skating

    The young, beautiful Korean continues to wow us with her talent on the ice. She has the looks and the athleticism. She is known as the "Ice Queen".

    She is without a doubt the sexiest Asian sportswoman.