Chizik's Hiring Wasn't a Matter of Race

Clayton CoffmanAnalyst IDecember 16, 2008

I wish there were more African American coaches in college football. There are plenty out there who are qualified. However, with everybody throwing their arms up over Auburn's hiring of Gene Chizik, including Sir Charles, saying this was racially motivated isn't right.

Can we honestly look into the hearts of the athletic director and boosters and say they are racists? No, we can't. Auburn's search to replace Tommy Tuberville only lasted a week, and the guy they hired was extremely questionable.

Remember, though, in 2004, when Chizik was Auburn's defensive coordinator? That was a great year to be a Tiger fan. Chizik's defense was incredible. He has coaching ability.

It didn't pan out for two seasons at Iowa State, but how could it with the likes of Oklahoma, Texas, and Missouri in that conference?

The man is known to be a good recruiter and motivator. Let's give him a chance to succeed. Turner Gill, the man everybody thought Auburn would hire, didn't come down south. He's turned Buffalo from a laughingstock into a MAC winner.

He'll get his chance at a major program.