UFC on FOX Results: Breaking Down Ben Henderson's Victory

Adam OsterkampContributor IIINovember 12, 2011

The fight between Ben Henderson and Clay Guida was one of the most exciting fights in UFC history. Both fighters had an awesome pace and never stopped going after one another.

In the end it was Henderson who got the best of Guida and pulled out a unanimous decision, but it certainly didn’t come easy.

Henderson did come out looking incredibly good. He caught Guida with a solid hit and had him hurt for a while. Many of us thought we were going to see a rare TKO victory from Henderson, but Guida was able to survive the storm.

Henderson used his elite striking throughout the fight to hold Guida’s take downs off. He never quite got Guida’s timing down right, but it was certainly one of the biggest factors in the fight.

Henderson never seemed to be in lots of trouble during this fight, but Guida did have a few guillotine submission attempts. Henderson did a great job of rolling out of the submission attempts and getting the fight back to his feet.

The big key to Henderson’s victory was avoiding the ground game. Although the fight did go to the ground several times, Henderson routinely got the fight standing where he had an absolute advantage over Guida.

Henderson earned himself a shot at the title tonight and showed that he certainly has the skills to win the championship, but will he? Only time will tell, but we can all rest assured that Henderson will do his best and put on an absolutely astounding show.