WWE Survivor Series 2011: Is Triple H vs. Kevin Nash Going to Happen?

Stuart Broughton@@SLBroughton92Contributor IIINovember 13, 2011

Kevin Nash & Triple H at Vengeance 2011
Kevin Nash & Triple H at Vengeance 2011

Survivor Series is just weeks away and it is looking less and less likely that Kevin Nash vs. Triple H is going to happen, but is there still a chance?

The two giants of professional wrestling have been feuding since 'Big Sexy's' return at Summerslam where he cost CM Punk the WWE title. Chief Operating Officer and then-head of Raw Triple H, confronted his old friend about his actions when the relationship between the two became sour. 

He fired Nash for his actions and their rivalry has gotten worse ever since. Although Nash has been fired he has appeared at the Night of Champions and Vengeance pay-per-views, attacking both Punk and Hunter. His actions have seemed to have effected Punk a lot more than it has his ex-kliq friend, costing him a number of title opportunities, but due to the past the two have shared the heat between them has risen to boiling point.

From here there is no where else their rivalry can go apart from being settled in the ring, not just in a wrestling match but in an all-out brawl.

However with only one episode left before Survivor Series there is a very small chance this contest is going to take place. A huge matchup like this is usually announced a number of weeks in advance to build up the hype, not just for their match but for the entire PPV.

Another reason why Triple H/Nash is unlikely to happen is that Sunday's event has already got a lot of hype going into it. The Rock is set to make his in-ring return and not a lot on the card matters apart from that right now. Having Nash's competitive return on the same night is unlikely to raise the profile or buy-rate of the PPV, which in the eyes of WWE front office means it is a waste of time.

By postponing this match till TLC it will have more of an impact and give the fans more of a reason to watch the event. This seems to be the reason why WWE has released an update on their website about an injury Triple H has sustained:

 "The WWE COO has suffered a concussion and a fractured vertebrae from the two sledgehammer attacks he received from Kevin Nash on Raw SuperShow. Amann told WWE.com that The Game will be out of action for at least six weeks due to the injuries he sustained. The diagnoses were made at the Austin, Texas, medical facility that Triple H was rushed to after the attacks." October 25th, 2011 on WWE.com

This injury has been rumoured however to be kayfabe, so a match at Survivor series could still be on the cards. But what should the WWE universe expect from these veterans of the sport, especially seeing as Nash is 52-years-old with no ring experience in over a year. Definitely not a technical bout.

Fans should be expecting a match similar to that of Sting vs. Hogan which took place at TNA's Bound for Glory. Both combatants are old and long past their prime but that does not stop them from drawing a huge crowd reaction. There is sure to be plenty of aggression and power house moves and no doubt a sledgehammer or two.

If this match was to take place it would be highly likely that it would be Kevin Nash's last match for the WWE and would be accepted as a fitting end to his illustrious career at one of the biggest PPVs of the year. One could not see him coming away with the win especially seeing as Triple H is trying to look like a powerful force with his other feud with John Laurinaitis.

This again raises another question about WWE motives; if this is going to be his last match why would they have him down as taking part in house shows after the event? This really only leaves us two answers. One, Kevin Nash vs. Triple H is not going to happen at Survivor Series and will probably take place at TLC; or two, WWE is going to make a big mistake and drive this angle into the ground by overusing an aging legend. As a fan of the old Diesel I can only hope that WWE will send him off properly and not destroy the legacy of one of the greatest champions of all time.