UFC on FOX Results: What a Clay Guida Win Means to the Lightweight Division

Adam OsterkampContributor IIINovember 12, 2011

Tonight at UFC on Fox 1 Clay Guida and Ben Henderson will face off for the No. 1 contender spot in the lightweight division.

The fight is sure to be exciting and is extremely hard to predict. Clay Guida has been a contender in the division for quite some time but has really started to shine since joining Greg Jackson’s gym.

If Guida walks away with the victory, it will be the first time he’s had a shot at the title. Many people don’t expect it to happen, but it would certainly set up some exciting events in the lightweight division.

If Henderson losses this fight, it could very likely set up another fight between himself and Anthony Pettis. Henderson and Pettis met in an extremely exciting fight in the former WEC organization.

It was a fight that many people missed, and a second one would be great to see.

If Clay Guida wins and gets the title shot against Frankie Edgar, it could very well be the first time we see a fighter who actually outpaces the champ.

Guida has insane pacing in his fights and never stops moving around making him hard to hit, even for a great boxer that is Edgar.

Edgar is known for having great conditioning, but putting him up against Guida would be a test unlike any other he’s had in the past. Edgar would most likely need to utilize his great wrestling if he couldn’t get Guida’s timing down.

A win from Guida would also mean that one of the UFC’s biggest fan favorites would finally be in title contention. Edgar would very likely be receiving more boos than he’s accustomed to.

No matter what happens, no one should miss this fight, but a win from Clay Guida would certainly set up some extremely interesting situations in the division.