Pete Carroll on 60 Minutes Interview Continued

Jonny SAnalyst IDecember 16, 2008

I recently wrote an article to remind USC fans and others interested about the special 60 Minutes did on Pete Carroll. 

If you missed any of it, or the whole thing, and would like to view it from start to finish, the video link is below. It is a wonderful piece and really gives people who aren't familiar with Carroll an idea of how great a coach, family man, and person he really is.

As I said in my previous article...hate USC all you want, and if you think they are overrated annually, that is surely your right. But to discredit or criticize a person like Carroll is simply ignorance... nothing else but pure ignorance.  

Those who know and love USC already knew most of what is told in the interview because Carroll is constantly working hard in the community. But for those who didn't know anything about him or what he does, hopefully this gives you a great idea!


Enjoy the video!