Pacquiao vs Marquez Fight Time: Pac-Man's Improved Right Hand Will Decide Bout

Kyle BrownCorrespondent IIINovember 12, 2011

LAS VEGAS, NV - NOVEMBER 09:  Boxers Manny Pacquiao (L) and Juan Manuel Marquez pose during the final news conference for their bout at the MGM Grand Hotel/Casino November 9, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Pacquiao will defend his WBO welterweight title against Marquez when the two meet in the ring for the third time on November 12 in Las Vegas.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

When Manny Pacquiao takes on his rival Juan Manuel Marquez in the third bout of the trilogy, his new and improved right hand will be the deciding factor in the match.

The fight will take place on pay-per-view at 9 p.m. ET at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, but don't expect the main event to start until 11 p.m.

This will be the third time that Pacquiao and Marquez square off in the ring during a professional bout.

The first match ended in a draw, but Pacquiao beat Marquez in 12 rounds by a split decision from the judges in the second matchup.

Both did not take kindly to the first bout being determined a draw, but Marquez was vocal in his disagreement after his loss to Pacquiao and immediately challenged him to a rematch.

Well here we are.

Both fighters have taken different paths to prepare for his match, and many experts believe this warrants the 7-1 odds that Pacquiao has of winning.

Pacquiao has been working on developing his right hand to make him more of a well-rounded puncher, while Marquez has deterred from utilizing his strengths of quickness and counterpunching in his game plan.

Instead, Marquez has decided to bulk up in an attempt to knock out Pacquiao, which has left many scratching their head.

It has been no secret that Pacquiao has been working on his right hand, and Marquez knows this.

"In the past he didn't use his right hand," Marquez said. "Now he is using the right hand with speed. We have to be careful of both hands."

With the talent between these two boxers and the history that they share, the Pacquiao vs. Marquez fight will surely live up to all the hype.