UFC on FOX: 7 Ways Junior Dos Santos vs. Cain Velasquez Could End

Chris TernateCorrespondent IINovember 12, 2011

UFC on FOX: 7 Ways Junior Dos Santos vs. Cain Velasquez Could End

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    In a mere five hours, the UFC will make its debut on FOX, as the world's best heavyweight Cain Velasquez will make his first title defense against number one contender Junior Dos Santos in what could potentially be the greatest heavyweight fight in Mixed Martial Arts history.  

    Both men are known for their explosive power, blinding speed and general well roundedness and ability to take the fight wherever it may go. 

    Like so many in the sport are saying, this is one fight where you have the two very best in their division putting it all on the line in a fight that is guaranteed to go down in the history books as one of the best fights ever. 

    So on the sport's biggest stage yet, the two best heavyweights in Mixed Martial Arts will put it all on the line in a fight that could very well end anywhere, any way and at any time. 

Velasquez by TKO/Doctor's Stoppage

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    Noting the speed, power and precision with which Cain Velasquez throws some of his combinations, its surprising that his opponents have come out their confrontations with him relatively unscathed when compared to Lesnar at UFC 121. 

    Example: UFC 121 vs, Brock Lesnar 

    In what would be only his ninth professional fight, Velasquez stole the title away from Lesnar in destructive fashion.  

    Fresh off of his come from behind submission victory against Shane Carwin at UFC 116, Lesnar had proven he could weather any sort of rushed offensive onslaught. 

    Velasquez however, proved why he was the favorite as he displayed not only his devastating speed and punching power but also the patience and precision of a true champion. 

    He easily resisted any sort of takedown offense from Lesnar and battered him with precision strikes, decimating the former WWE star to the point of a TKO.

    When Lesnar was able to stand we caught a glimpse of the sort of destruction Velasquez was capable of, as he the former champ with one of the nastiest cuts we have seen. 

    So could we see a similar result against Dos Santos? 

    We very well could.  Velasquez's striking in contrast poses some very different problems from a stand up perspective.  

    While Dos Santos is proven to inflict blunt force trauma accurately, Velasquez's own accuracy has shown that he can not only bruise, but cut opponents. 

    In a fight that could produce some highlight reel stand up exchanges, expect to see some blood. 

Dos Santos by KO

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    Widely regarded as the division's best boxer, he possesses some of the sport's most devastating hands. 

    Standing with "Cigano" is generally advised against due to the risk of being knocked out, and rightly so. 

    When Dos Santos hits someone, they are almost guaranteed to go down, with one of his many examples being Fabricio Werdum.

    Example: UFC 90 vs. Fabricio Werdum 

    When the thought of Junior Dos Santos comes to mind, its hard not to picture his explosive knockout of Fabricio Werdum in his UFC debut at UFC 90. 

    Dos Santos entered the fight relatively unknown as an underdog against the highly touted Werdum. 

    He literally exploded onto the scene as his fist exploded into Werdum's face, knocking him out with an uppercut that could have killed a lesser trained man.  

    Werdum himself probably barely survived that missile for an uppercut and Cain Velasquez could very well encounter the same fate. 

    Velasquez is known to have a strong chin and an iron will, however Dos Santos can shatter any notions of invincibility he may have. 

    One punch from Cigano could end the fight for any man and there is no reason why Velasquez is any exception to that, not yet at least. 

Velasquez by Unanimous Decision

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    While it may not be the most popular way to win, a unanimous decision victory by Velasquez could be a very real possibility. 

    Velasquez is widely regarded as one of the best conditioned athletes in the sport, but Dos Santos himself is no slouch either. 

    While he's known for his power, Dos Santos has gone the distance, as evidenced by his fights against Roy Nelson and Shane Carwin, however, in both those bouts, he was thoroughly dominant. 

    Velasquez though has gone the distance too. 

    Example: UFC 99 vs. Cheick Kongo 

    At UFC 99, Cain Velasquez showed why many considered him a champion in the making when he went the distance with French striker Cheick Kongo in Cologne, Germany.  

    Velasquez took all that Kongo through at him and survived long enough to create his own offense, utilizing wrestling to win the fight. 

    Against Dos Santos, a unanimous decision similar to this one could be a very real possibility.  

    Up against another devastatingly powerful striker in Cigano, Velasquez could find himself in another sticky situation, weathering a storm of strikes, surviving on heart and using his wrestling to will himself to victory.  

    And since Cigano likely won't let up, Velasquez could be forced to go the distance, even in a five round fight. 

Dos Santos by Unanimous Decision

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    Known more for his knockout finishes than going the distance, Junior Dos Santos' fists might meet one other opponent that they can't knockout in the Cain Velasquez.  

    Velasquez is known for having an endless gas tank and an enormous heart, so if Cigano wants to finish his opponent, it might be his toughest task on the sport's biggest stage. 

    Example: UFC 117 vs. Roy Nelson

    When Junior Dos Santos met Roy Nelson at UFC 117 in Oakland, California, he was, in a sense, humbled. 

    Having already destroyed the likes of Mirko Cro Cop, Fabricio Werdum and Gabriel Gonzaga, Dos Santos was seemingly accustomed to the finish. 

    However, Nelson was no pushover, taking everything Cigano threw at him, but in the process still being thoroughly handled. 

    Against Velasquez, he Cigano will be facing an even more resilient opponent with even more talent and just better in every sense overall. 

    An unwanted but very likely outcome nonetheless, both men could go the distance in a non-stop five round war. 

    It could be very likely that "Cardio" Cain could push Dos Santos to the limit and force him to win by unanimous decision. 

Velasquez by TKO (Ground and Pound)

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    With excellent wrestling to compliment his powerful striking, Velasquez can take the fight anywhere and finish it anywhere as well. 

    Whether its his wrestling or stand up, Cain can dictate where the fight goes and finish wherever he chooses. 

    So if Dos Santos hits the ground, you can expect Velasquez to go for the finish. 

    Example: UFC 110 vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria

    At UFC 110, Velasquez made a statement in the UFC's heavyweight landscape, putting an exclamation point on his career at that point by finish the previously finished only once Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria. 

    He landed a combination flush which resulted in a grounded Nogueira who could not gather himself and was promptly finished by Velasquez who landed some pin point punched to finish the legend. 

    Against Dos Santos, he will have the opportunity to finish the number one contender. 

    Wrestling seems to be Dos Santos' only real weakness against Velasquez and while his unseen Jiu-Jitsu may prevent it, should Velasquez drop a few of those accurate bombs on Dos Santos the fight could easily be stopped. 

Dos Santos by Submission

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    While we have seen almost none of Junior Dos Santos' heralded jiu-jitsu and ground game, don't count it out. 

    A brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under the Nogueria brothers, Dos Santos has a jiu-jitsu game that is apparently nothing to overlook. 

    Example UFC 131 vs. Shane Carwin 

    Going into his bout with Shane Carwin, Cigano's wrestling and his ground game were suspect against the former NCAA Division II wrestler. 

    However he put those doubts to rest as he manhandled Carwin and eventually even took him down. 

    While we may not expect to see him do the same to the more athletic more talented Velasquez, there's no reason we could not see a submission victory from the Brazilian jiu-jitsu brown belt. 

    Imagine a Chael Sonnen vs. Anderson Silva type of victory where a grounded Dos Santos, who unable to completely negate Velasquez's wrestling uses his jiu-jitsu to submit the champion in dramatic fashion.  

    Kind of a far fetch, but as we know in the UFC, anything can happen.