BCS, Share the Wealth, for the Good of Bulgaria

Brad JamesCorrespondent IDecember 16, 2008

This is a response to Lisa Horne's article "The BCS Picks the Wrong Miss World" so I dedicate this to her.

Pictured above is the gorgeous Miss Bulgaria Tourism 2008. She's looking for a handsome man like, I don't know, Brad James with whom to share her orange.

She is currently on a tour to promote sharing among BCS commissioners and college presidents and is showing how appealing the Orange Bowl (among other bowls) is when it actually means something.

Federal Express has said that whatever this Bulgarian beauty wants, she gets, while remarkably the first English she learned was, "I want a playoff; this Brad James on the Web site Bleacher Report has the right idea, so I think I'll give him a big kiss."

That perhaps might be the only thing better than a playoff. She also says that a playoff is a good idea because it lets the true beauties (such as herself) shine through while Miss India and Miss Russia (who is really a "bottle blonde") are exposed when the competition gets tough.

Who am I to refute this bewitching bombshell?