Anna Kournikova Video: Watch Tennis Star Work Out on Camera

Eric BallFeatured ColumnistNovember 12, 2011

Remember her?

Once upon a time Anna Kournikova was the most famous tennis player in the world, and it wasn’t because of her play on the court.

The Russian beauty is the cover girl for the November issue of Women’s Health magazine, and she decided to clue us in on some of the secrets that give her such an incredible body.

Her abs are flawless, and Kournikova looks like she can still step out on the tennis court and beat half of the current tour.

The video guides you through a few of the exercises she does on a daily basis, and most of it strengths the core. Very shocking to see that she isn’t lifting heavy weights with her arms (okay, not really).

The most surprising thing about her diet is that Kournikova eats a lot of string cheese. I wonder if she peels it off piece-by-piece or if she prefers to eat it in chunks?

She is currently a trainer for NBC’s hit show The Biggest Loser, so I guess that makes her qualified to hand out health tips.

Biggest guilty pleasure? Whole grain pizza. No wonder her abs are so incredible.

Kournikova may have never won a singles WTA title, but that’s just the footnote to her long and illustrious career of being one of the most gorgeous athletes to grace the earth.

She hasn’t been in the public eye very often since retiring from the tour back in 2007.

I think I can speak for all men when I say that it’s good to see she is still hot, still in great shape and still willing to show it off.


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