The 50 Most Disliked People in College Football

Carl Stine@@CFBAllDayCorrespondent IMarch 29, 2017

The 50 Most Disliked People in College Football

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    Jerry Sandusky, while not currently in college football, is currently the least-likable person in the college football universe.

    As a matter-of-fact, not just Sandusky, but anyone from Penn State administration seems to be a hot-button subject.

    While the folks on this list have not all committed crimes of Sandusky's type, or even any type, they are all hated for different reasons.

    From fan-bases that are extremely abrasive to arrogant coaches and annoying mascots, they can all be found here.

    Forget the nice guys, these are the people that rub us the wrong way, and many times drive us to the edge of sanity.

50. Derek Dooley's Pants

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    Haters: Anyone with fully functioning retinas, especially in the SEC.

    This of course leaves out Tennessee fans, simply because they will tell you the pants are great, whether they believe that or not.

    And even though the pant are not a person, I hate them.

    Why, you ask, would one waste such vitriol on a worthless article of clothing?

    Because it burns my eyes to see them.

    Just look at the picture.

    Anybody could be in the picture, President Obama, Albert Einstein, Jessica Biel, and yet, those pants suck your eyeballs away from anything else.

    They are ugly.

49. Lou Holtz, Media

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    Haters:  Those in favor of clear speech being a prerequisite for a job on television.

    Holtz was a great coach, no doubt about it.

    However, there are many that want to throw a rock through their television whenever he comes on the air.

    He struggles to speak clearly, making him difficult to understand, and rarely picks against Notre Dame or South Carolina, the teams that he has coached.

    He is relatively harmless, but more than mildly annoying, and refuses to believe that Notre Dame is not BCS material until they have lost four or more games.

48. SEC Fans

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    Haters: Mainly Big Ten fans

    The SEC fan is arrogant, and should be, if his team has won a title recently.

    The conference is clearly the cream of the BCS crop.

    That said, their sense of superiority can get annoying, particularly if it is coming from a fan of anybody other than LSU, Alabama, Florida or Auburn.

    Georgia and South Carolina fans, your team has not won anything, don't try to skate by on the success of others.

    It's pretty aggravating.

47. Gene Chizik, Auburn Head Coach

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    Haters: Wannabe coaches

    What has the guy done?

    Seriously, his Iowa State team was mediocre, Auburn got a gift in Cam Newton, and is now back to the middle of the SEC pack.

    For guys across the country that hate their jobs, Chizik is the symbol of a non-deserving party getting a great job.

    On top of that, he allowed Cam Newton to play...

46. Luke Fickell, Ohio State Head Coach

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    Haters: OSU followers

    Fickell had some huge shoes to fill, and given the adversity he has had to deal with, had done a pretty good job...

    ...until the Buckeyes lost to Purdue.

    Before that loss, they had a legitimate shot at still making the Rose Bowl.

    Now, they need all kinds of help.

    It's been tough for Fickell, enduring the suspensions and pressure, but his team's inability to win against Purdue lost him fan support, and quite possibly, his job.

45. Matt Barkley, USC Quarterback

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    Hater: ASU fans

    Barkley called out ASU's Vontaze Burfict for being dirty, saying: "He's a dirty player,
    his switch is always on. And it's not a good switch."

    Burfict then proceeded to help Barkley from the turf after intercepting his pass and being tackled by the persistent quarterback.

    While Barkley is seemingly a great guy, who has gone on a missions trip and kept his nose clean, those kind of comments make him a target for ASU, and it showed in the Trojans' loss to the Sun Devils.

44. Andrew Luck, Stanford Quarterback

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    Haters: Trent Richardson and the rest of the Heisman hopefuls.

    Luck is suffering from what could be aptly termed, "Tebowicity".

    He is just too good.

    Even after the loss to Oregon, he should still have a cakewalk to the Heisman Trophy, and is easily the best quarterback in the country.

    But he has not necessarily earned it this season, and the rest of the Heisman hopefuls, while owning solid seasons, are not going to catch him.

43. John Surma, U.S. Steel Corp. President and CEO

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    Haters: Penn State fans.

    Technically, this should be the entire Penn State board of trustees.

    However, Mr. Surma was the most visible figure immediately after Joe Paterno's firing by the board.

    Hence, he is the man that draws the ire of misguided Penn State fans that feel as if Joe Paterno did all that he should in the Jerry Sandusky case.

    Hang in there Penn State fans, things are likely to get uglier before they get better.

42. Brandon Weeden, Oklahoma State Quarterback

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    Haters: Guys 20-28 years old.

    The man is 28 years old.

    For those of you in your mid-20's, it must be a hard pill to swallow that he could end up in the BCS title game less than two years from his 30th birthday.

    By that time, most college players are either productive in the NFL, or have careers elsewhere.

    As for "Old-Man" Weeden, he is flourishing in a great system with a shot to make history for the Cowboys.

41. Nevin Shapiro, Miami Booster

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    Haters: Recruiting purists, naive fans, Miami

    In light of the disgusting allegations taking place at Penn State, Shapiro and his shady actions have taken a place on the back burner.

    However, let's not forget that Shapiro allegedly provided alcohol, money, strippers and an abortion for Miami players.

    Tough to like a guy like that, is it not?

40. Brian Kelly, Notre Dame Head Coach

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    Haters: Notre Dame followers

    Kelly gained the ire of Irish-backers everywhere by not having his team prepared for their first two games this season, resulting in awful turnovers and horrible losses.

    His explosive temper on the sideline in the face of a national viewing audience did not gain him much love, either.

    He is teetering on the brink of being hated nearly as much as some of his predecessors.

39. Colin Cowherd, Media

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    Haters: College football fans with a soul.

    Cowherd, while generally pretty entertaining, is at times, smarmy, condescending and just mean.

    He doesn't always talk a whole bunch about college football on his radio show, but when he does, he's annoying, condescending and extremely opinionated.

    However, he does redeem himself with some actually good commentary and hosting at times, but the bad times nearly outweigh the good.

38. Ron Zook, Illinois Head Coach

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    Haters: Florida fans, other coaches losing their jobs.

    Zook has done nothing with his team in years.

    There was a miserable Rose Bowl appearance where USC annihilated the Illini, but other than that, they have been remarkably mediocre in his time in Champaign.

    And yet, over the outcry of fans, he still hangs on to his job.

    His secret?

    Consistently do just enough good things to tease your superiors into thinking you are worth keeping.

    Put simply, Zook has a talent for survival, and should the world end in 2012, I fully expect one man to make it through the apocalypse, Ron Zook.

37. Bobby Petrino, Arkansas Head Coach

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    Haters: Atlanta Falcons' fans, Auburn

    Since arriving at Arkansas, Petrino has seemed to be on fairly good behavior.

    That's not to say that he does not have his detractors.

    Atlanta Falcons' fans have not forgiven him for leaving the team, nor have some others associated with the NFL, as he left with three games still remaining in the season for Arkansas.

    Folks from Auburn also remember that he jetted off for regions beyond after seemingly assuring administration that he would take the head coaching job after Tommy Tuberville left.

    Fans will forget over time, but he is still a hated man in some regions of the South.

36. Kellen Moore, Boise State Quarterback

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    Haters: BCS conference supporters.

    Moore is going to leave the college game with the record for most wins in a career.

    Even so, he has plenty of detractors, mainly from BCS conferences, yapping about how lame his opponents have been.

    Guess what?

    He will still hold the record, whether you like it or not, and if it makes you feel any better, the Broncos won't be in a BCS game.

    Give the guy a little credit.

35. Harvey Updyke, Jr., Tree-Poisoner

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    Haters: Auburn fans

    This guy is the man known also as "Al from Dadeville" that called into the Paul Finebaum show to say he had poisoned the legendary oak trees at Toomer's Corner on the Auburn campus.

    His actions, poisoning the trees with Spike 80DF, have been condemned even by Alabama fans who are passionate in their hatred of the Tigers.

34. Phil Knight, Founder of Nike

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    Haters: Everyone not associated with Oregon, people over 40.

    Why, you ask?

    Simply because of his willingness to provide the Ducks with the uniforms that sear our retinas with visually disturbing images.

    More disturbing than even "Zoolander".

    At least he is loyal to his alma mater.

33. Bo Pelini, Nebraska Head Coach

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    Haters: Sensitive people, Taylor Martinez' mom

    Pelini is volatile, and always seems to have just swallowed a lemon whenever the camera turns on him.

    While he is not really much more intense than any other head coach, the fact that he is at Nebraska makes him that much more visible and more susceptible to being caught raging on camera.

    Last season's outburst at Taylor Martinez was legendary, and worthy of studying for aspiring coaches.

32. Mike Sherman, Head Coach Texas A&M

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    Haters: Aggieland

    The Aggies entered the season with sky-high expectations and ranked in the pre-season top 10...

    ...and then promptly crashed.

    In their two big losses, to Oklahoma State and Arkansas, the Aggies had leads and blew it late.

    This can be attributed largely to poor conditioning and coaching.

    Heading into the brutal SEC, Sherman will not be around much longer with seasons like this one.

31. Denard Robinson, Michigan Quarterback

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    Haters: Opposing defensive coordinators, quarterback purists.

    Denard is not a great passer.

    He dos not always see the field well, and makes poor reads at times.

    Still, he is one of the most dynamic players in the sport.

    The reason for the dislike is that he plays at Michigan, and ESPN gobbles up coverage of "Shoelace".

    This is incredibly annoying, when he cannot win a big game, and we have to hear "Shoelace" 18 times whenever the Wolverines take the field.

30. Mack Brown, Texas Head Coach

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    Haters: Discerning Longhorn fans, the rest of the country.

    When are people going to realize that the success of Mack Brown rests squarely on the shoulders of his superior quarterbacks?

    The Longhorns are in the middle of their second consecutive miserable season, even though they have recruited a plethora of talent.

    I blame it on Brown, and if the 'Horns don't show significant improvement over the next season, he will have no one to blame but himself, since he fired or lost just about everybody on the coaching staff this past off-season.

29. Jacory Harris, Miami Quarterback

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    Haters: 'Canes' supporters

    First there was a pretty solid season coupled with rumors that the "U" was back.

    Then there was an incredibly disappointing season, littered with interceptions and inability to hold onto the ball.

    And things have not gotten better.

    Harris has been miserable, and fans have had to deal with it too long now.

    Fortunately for the Miami faithful, he will be gone real soon.

28. Rich Rodriguez, Media

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    Haters: U of M fans, WVU

    Rich-Rod left a stain on Michigan football with NCAA allegations and started a losing tradition that is only just now beginning to fade away with the arrival of Brady Hoke.

    In Ann Arbor, "Rich-Rod" is used as a particularly vile curse word.

    Of course, West Virginia fans don't really have much love for the man that bailed on them either.

27. Jim Tressel, Gameday Consultant

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    Haters: OSU, the rest of the Big Ten

    Tressel was hated by teams in the Big Ten for a long time because nobody had a winning record in the conference against his Buckeyes.

    He is now hated by Buckeye fans and people that bought his book everywhere for lying and covering up the whole "tattoo parlor scandal".

    What a joke.

    Fortunately for him, the Colts needed a "gameday consultant".

    Apparently he advises coaches on which uniforms go better with which tattoos.

26. Paul Finebaum, Media

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    Haters: Every SEC program.

    Finebaum has angered just about every SEC team at some point with his outspoken opinions on his radio show.

    His guests add to the fun, and if your team has not been a subject of one of his tirades at some point, you are missing out.

    Even so, he is one of the best known football personalities in the South, and demonstrates his grasp of the sport on every show.

25. Mark May, Media

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    Haters: Ohio State, Notre Dame,  Penn State, West Virginia.

    May rarely has anything good to say about any of the programs listed.

    His reluctance to praise Notre Dame somewhat balances out Lou Holtz' obvious bias, but fans of these teams will tell you he rarely acknowledges the positive about their teams.

    Of course, you could just skip halftime, pregame and College Football Final, then you wouldn't have much chance of seeing May or Holtz on your screen.

24. Charlie Weis, Offensive Coordinator, Florida

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    Haters: Notre Dame fans

    Abrasive and arrogant.

    These two words pretty much sum up Weis' time at Notre Dame.

    After getting a massive contract extension that is still being payed him by Notre Dame, Weis became  a legendary failure for the Irish, going 16-21 in his final three seasons in South Bend.

    He is now single-handedly keeping fast food chains in Gainesville in business, and has a fresh chance as coordinator of Will Muschamp's Gators.

    Will he start to eliminate his bad reputation?

    Probably not.

23. Urban Meyer, Media

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    Haters: Florida, his family

    Ok, so maybe not his family, but you have to admit they have reason to.

    The man retired to spend time with his family in the middle of some very successful seasons at Florida.

    This, of course, did not endear him to the hearts of Gator fans.

    He has since spent his time traveling the country, covering college football.

    Way to spend time with your family, Urban.

22. The Oregon Duck, Mascot

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    Haters: Non-Oregon fans, other mascots.

    It's simple.

    He seems cute and innocent enough, but this mascot is everywhere.

    He stars in commercials repeatedly, all over ESPN, he gets all kinds of publicity.

    This has a tendency to cause some envy from other mascots, particularly other feathered representatives.

21. Gary Patterson, TCU Head Coach

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    Haters: Boise State fans, most recently.

    Patterson has a knack for making his defense one of the best in the country.

    His latest victim?

    Boise State.

    Patterson is the most wanted man in Boise after his Frogs took out the Broncos, effectively ending their chances at the BCS title game.

    That is, he is the most wanted man except...

20. Boise State FG Kickers

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    Haters: Boise State fans

    Kyle Brotzman infamously lost the Broncos their shot at the BCS in 2010 at Nevada.

    Next verse, same as the first.

    TCU upset the Broncos at Boise after kicker Dan Goodale missed a field goal on the "Smurf Turf" that would have won the game.

    Goodale and Brotzman cost the Broncos their shot at the BCS title game in two consecutive season.

    This is not good for their "street cred" in Boise.

    Wait, can you have that there?

19. West Virginia Fans

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    Haters: Sane fans

    They burn couches,  hurl beer bottles and imprecations.

    They are loud vulgar and often inebriated, as drinking is allowed at WVU games.

    For opposing fans, they are the nastiest, most disturbing people in the college football universe.

18. North Carolina Administration

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    Haters: UNC fans

    Let's think about this.

    Rumors and allegations started trickling in during the 2010 season, and you knew what was going on early in 2011.

    However, the geniuses that you are, you waited to let Butch Davis go until practically the start of the season?

    Come on, while football should not stand in the way of justice, the justice in this case could have been more prompt.

17. Craig James, Media

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    Haters: Texas Tech fans, random casual observers

    Let's face it.

    To the casual observer, James appeared to use his platform as an ESPN personality to leverage Texas Tech into letting go of Mike Leach in the wake of scandal involving the alleged treatment of his son.

    Suffice it to say that when I see the guy broadcasting, it's hard to think of much else than this controversy.

16. Jim Delany, B1G Ten Commissioner

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    Haters: SEC fans

    Delany is one of the most condescending people in the country.

    As commissioner of the Big Ten, he has seemed to delight in using his position as a "bully pulpit".

    He seems to revel in bashing the SEC and it's member institutions for their low academic requirements and dirty programs.

    Given the last couple of seasons in the B1G and the number of schools busted for violating NCAA rules or worse, Delaney could probably just stop talking now.

15. Rick Neuheisel, UCLA Head Coach

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    Haters: Washington, random people along the West Coast

    Neuheisel, much like Ron Zook, does just enough to stay around.

    His press conferences are known for their honesty, no matter how brutal.

    UCLA fans dislike him for his inability to recruit in the area, even with USC down and the prime time for the Bruins to step up being now.

    The man has been called "Slick Rick".

    For a guy that led Washington to the Rose Bowl, he is less than a favorite of UCLA and Washington fans.

14. Charles Robinson, Media

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    Haters: Subjects of his investigative reports

    Robinson has become the guy you don't want to write about your football program.

    If he does, it probably means you will be receiving NCAA sanctions sometime soon.

    While the rest of us enjoy hearing about what is going on with guys like Nevin Shapiro, it's not near as juicy for fans of the programs that get exposed.

13. The Zebras

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    Haters: Everyone not refereeing, especially coaches.

    These guys do awesome work, and the advent of replay as a tool to help confirm their calls has made things a little more bearable.

    However, they still get yelled at and abused, simply because a call goes the other way.

    It does not help their case when they pull stunts such as calling back LSU punter Brad Wing's fake punt that went for a touchdown or blow the play dead in the Oregon/Arizona State game on what was clearly a fumble.

    Nope, these men will never be America's favorite people.

12. Bret Bielema, Wisconsin Head Coach

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    Haters: Any one not a fan of Wisconsin, especially Minnesota and Iowa fans.

    I'm not sure why, but fans around the conference love to bash Bielema.

    For some reason, he rubs people the wrong way, especially after going for two against Minnesota while up by a ton, and "running up the score" against lesser foes.

    Of course, when Oregon, Stanford, or one of the Oklahoma schools does this, it's because they are so good no one can stop them.

    When the Badgers do it, it's because Bielema is a douche and the Badgers have a classless program.

    Go figure.

11. Vontaze Burfict, Linebacker, Arizona State

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    Haters: Matt Barkley, opponent's running backs

    Burfict has been called "the Meanest Man in College Football".

    He runs the field with reckless abandon, wreaking havoc on blockers and smashing ball carriers almost at will.

    He is a monster.

    However, he has gotten a reputation for dirty play because he is so undisciplined.

    His speed allows him to make plays all over the field, but also leads to face-masking penalties, hits after the whistle and generally uncalled for acts.

    In my mind, he just has a high motor, and plays full speed all the time, but in the minds of some, he is dirty.

10. Texas Tech Fans

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    Haters: Bus cleaners.

    Ok, so you vandalize an opposing teams' vehicle with human excrement?


    While the actions of a few should not condemn the many, Tech fans like to act as if their team has won something, when they haven't won anything of significance in recent memory.

    Props for the intensity, but it can go too far.

9. Steve Spurrier, South Carolina Head Coach

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    Haters: Opposing programs

    Spurrier is liked by a few and disliked by many.

    He spent his time at Florida taking jabs at opposing coaches and players, while running up scores with reckless abandon.

    In reality, people who can't beat him hate him.

    However, the man seems to revel in making a joke of other schools, which endears him to some, while alienating others.

8. John Swofford, ACC Commissioner

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    Haters: Anybody having anything to do with the Big East.

    Swofford is the commissioner of the ACC.

    Considering that the Big East has now been raided twice by the ACC for teams, Swofford is not everyone's favorite guy.

    He is just doing what is best for his conference and his pocketbook, but that can lend itself to some pretty intense dislike.

7. Boise State Fans

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    Haters: Everyone else.

    Really, asking the President to fix the BCS while the economy is in the garbage?

    Come on.

    Also, please shut up about your team deserving a BCS berth and a shot at the title.

    They can't go undefeated in the WAC or MWC.

    Please go away...

6. Nick Saban, Alabama Head Coach

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    Haters: Auburn, LSU, heck, the entire SEC and most of the rest of the country.

    This guy has bounced around more than a ping pong ball.

    He goes from job to job with no loyalty, based solely on the financial benefit he receives.

    So basically he is a pretty normal human being.

    However, if you ask anyone from LSU to Michigan State, his last name is really "Satan".

5. Lane Kiffin, USC Head Coach

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    Haters: The entire SEC, especially Tennessee fans.

    In his brief time with Tennessee, Kiffin disparaged pretty much every other program in the conference before bolting to USC.

    Of course, he left the Volunteers with plenty of NCAA infractions to deal with.

    On the plus side, he never wore those retina-searing orange pants that Derek Dooley seems to favor on the Vols' sideline.

4. George O'Leary, UCF Head Coach

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    Haters: Georgia Tech, Notre Dame, UCF

    Somehow, this guy still has his job.

    According to allegations, O'Leary verbally abused running back Erick Plancher, and warned other players away from helping him during a practice after which Plancher collapsed and died.

    Players told ESPN that O'Leary and the coaching staff then lied about how rigorous the practice session had been.

    On top of that, he left Georgia Tech with NCAA violations on the record, and was forced out at Notre Dame due to padding his resume.

    Not only is he a jerk, but he is a buffoon.

3. Cade Foster, Alabama Kicker

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    Haters: 'Bama fans.

    Yep, Foster is the guy that missed three field goals in the LSU game that Alabama lost by three points.

    But those aren't the only ones he missed.

    On the season, Foster is 2/7 or just over 28 percent.


2. Mike McQueary, Penn State Assistant Coach

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    Haters: Parents, everyone in the country not a Penn State fan or Alumnus.

    Much has been written and recorded about the Penn State scandal.

    McQueary is still technically with the program, which is a travesty considering his actions, or lack thereof, in this instance.

    Suffice it to say that a 28-year old man should know enough to put a stop to the sexual abuse of a young boy, even if it is being committed by a friend of his father.

    Shame on you, Mr. Mcqueary...

1. Jerry Sandusky, Defensive Coordinator at "Linebacker U"

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    Haters: Pretty much everybody.

    So what if he is not currently coaching?

    Sandusky allegedly committed heinous crimes during his time at Penn State.

    Sodomizing and otherwise sexually abusing young boys will earn you this spot.

    I'm sorry, but the man needs to be put away for a very, very long time.