WWE: Are The Muppets Actually a Perfect Fit for WWE in 2011?

Gina GeatchesCorrespondent IIINovember 12, 2011

On the 31st edition of Raw SuperShow the Muppets guest starred.

Monday Night Raw has had some random guest hosts over the years who have no interest in the wrestling business whatsoever, but having the Muppets guest star Raw seems to be that one step too far. 

Business-wise it makes sense to have the Muppets on Raw due to WWE’s target audience being little children. WWE is PG and is all about the kids, and kids love the Muppets.  But from any other point of view it almost seems like a mockery to WWE. 

Is WWE the real Muppets or is it the fans that have become the Muppets? 

Some fans argue that WWE are the Muppets for not using their television time wisely and instead wasting it on guest hosts.  Others argue that WWE have made Muppets of the audience for making us watch it. 

From a more optimistic, or kid's, point of view this is the right direction for current family friendly WWE. It’s PG after all and what better way to prove how PG it is by having the Muppets host Monday Night Raw. 

If WWE wants to prove how family friendly it has become and how it has put all the negative press of how the company should not be aimed at children, then this is certainly a step in the right direction. 

But I can’t help but feel like someone has become a Muppet in the process of all of this.  Could it be the older fans, the wrestlers or the wrestling industry as a whole? 

The kids and parents may be happy due to the Muppets being special guests on Raw, but they might be the only ones.