Week 10 NFL Picks: Reasons Your Team Will Win or Lose

George WrighsterGuest ColumnistNovember 12, 2011

Week 10 NFL Picks: Reasons Your Team Will Win or Lose

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    If you are a fan of the Cowboys, Jaguars, Ravens, Bears or Jets, be prepared to throw your hat on the ground in disgust. The team you thought would make the playoffs and win the division may let you down. Week 10 will be headlined by upsets. Can Ben Roethlisberger fend off the young Bengals? You cannot argue against facts, and these are the facts. Leave a comment!

Lions Fans Have a Lot to Cheer About

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    Detroit vs. Chicago

    The Lions march into soldier field to further prove they are ready to take the next step and make the playoffs. Detroit's offense has been inconsistent all season. To make the playoffs and actually win a game, they have to be consistent. The best thing Chicago has going is their defense. Jay Cutler is inconsistent and erratic. He has played too many good games in a row. A disaster is on its way. LIONS.

The 12th Man

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    Baltimore vs. Seattle

    Good news Ravens fans... You are coming off two consecutive emotional comeback wins. Bad News... This week they face the Seahawks in Seattle. Every time I look at this game I see Baltimore vs. Jacksonville on Monday night. Upset. SEAHAWKS.

The Dream Team Is Back

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    Arizona vs. Philadelphia

    When this season started, the Cardinals thought the trade for Kevin Kolb would be what they needed to make a playoff run in the NFC West. The Kolb-to-Fitzgerald combo is not producing wins right now. This game will be open season on the Cardinals' meager defense. If the Eagles can keep from shooting themselves in the foot with turnovers, they will win going away. The Eagles will still finish 10-6 and make the playoffs. EAGLES.


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    Denver vs. Kansas City

    The Chiefs pulled to 4-4 and fooled some people with a win over the Chargers. I didn't fall for it. They only have wins over the Vikings, Colts, Raiders (week after losing Jason Campbell) and Chargers. Last week they showed their true colors against winless Miami. I am rooting for Tim Tebow, but in three starts it has been a mixed bag—two wins, but less than stellar play at the same time. At the end of the day, the NFL is judged in wins. BRONCOS.

Steelers Shook Up

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    Pittsburgh vs Cincinnati

    When the season started, no one could have predicted this game would actually have playoff implications. Cincinnati has piled up wins due to a favorable schedule and great play. Now in the home stretch of the season, it's time to play the big boys. It's put up or shut up time for the Bengals.

    The AFC North is a tough division headlined by the Ravens and Steelers. Pittsburgh just came off a heartbreaking loss against the Ravens and looks to rebound against the new look Bengals. This game has upset written all over it. I will say, in big games the Steelers have done the exact opposite of my prediction. So...BENGALS.

Feeling Luck(y)?

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    Jacksonville vs. Indianapolis

    What a difference a Manning makes. Three years ago, this game was critical in deciding who would win the AFC South. One year ago, this game was critical to the Colts getting a first-round playoff bye. This year, this game is critical in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.

    The Colts pass rush is going to give young Blaine Gabbert all he can handle. If the Jaguars can't get Maurice Jones-Drew going, the Colts are actually going to look like a good team and ruin their perfect season. COLTS.

The Big Bad Wolf

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    New York Giants vs. San Francisco

    I am still a huge skeptic of the 49ers. Alex Smith is playing like Trent Dilfer. He is not winning the games, but more importantly, he is not losing them. The 49ers are playing good offense, good defense and good special teams. When you don't have an elite QB, you win football games by playing great defense, running the ball and not turning the ball over. Eli Manning is having what could be his best season. With no Ahmad Bradshaw, the Giants won't run the ball well against this defense. Eli won't be able to pass his way out of this pickle. San Francisco is going to manage the game to a tee. 49ers.

Saints or Sinners

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    New Orleans vs. Atlanta

    This is another huge divisional game this week. Barring injury to their quarterback, the winner of this game will win the NFC South. Drew Brees has to stop throwing the other team the ball. Matt Ryan has to win a big game against an elite QB. The Saints have a couple players out on defense so the Falcons should run the ball pretty well. FALCONS.

2 in a Row?

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    St. Louis vs. Cleveland

    This is the game we have all been waiting for all season...not so much. This game will come down to playmakers. Cleveland has virtually NO offense playmakers except Joe Thomas. Unfortunately for the Browns, he plays left tackle. St. Louis, on the other hand, has a few at running back and receiver. RAMS.

The Jets Grounded by the Patriots

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    New England vs. New York Jets

    What is going on with the New England pass defense? They are terrible. What is going on with the Jets run defense? They are terrible? We are so used to seeing Tom Brady playing like there is no defense on the field that we are calling his play bad right now. He is still rated one of the top QBs in the league. He is only a man, he cannot shatter the record books every season. The guy he is facing, Mark Sanchez, is never confused with an elite QB. Even if the Jets allow Sanchez to throw the ball 40 times, he still cannot shred the Patriots defense. The Jets will try to run and control the game, but it won't happen. The Patriots are going to score early and get a few picks off Sanchez passing to catch up. PATRIOTS.

Superman Is in the Building

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    Tennessee vs. Carolina

    Cam Cam Cam. Cam Newton has shown up in impressive fashion every week this season. Sunday will be no different. If Chris Johnson gets off the bus with his game face on, this game could be full of big plays and superstars. Matt Hasselbeck is playing at a high level, but without Kenny Britt their passing game has lacked a go-to receiver. If Chris Johnson shows up, Titans win. If not, the Carolina Cams will win. TITANS.

Cowboys: Good and Terrible

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    Buffalo vs. Dallas

    The Bills ruined a golden opportunity last week against the Jets to prove they were for real. Buffalo still has 9-7 written all over them, but are a good team. Fitzpatrick has to play better for them to continue to win. The Cowboys are schizophrenic. They are good and terrible at the same time. In the first half they look like Super Bowl contenders, but in the second they look like the team that is going to miss the playoffs. The up and down trend will continue this week. BILLS.

Take a Bow...Texans Are Going to the Playoffs

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    Houston vs. Tampa Bay

    Last year, the Bucs ran the football to a 10-6 record, and Josh Freeman looked like the next best thing. This year Freeman looks like he ate the same thing Phillip Rivers did. He just does not look like the same guy. On the other hand, Matt Shaub looks like Matt Shaub, one of the league's better quarterbacks. Arian Foster is running wild on the league again. No Andre Johnson, No problem. TEXANS.

With Only 1 Win the Dolphins Do Have Something to Cheer About

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    Washington vs. Miami

    Washington has dropped four straight. With no running back or quarterback the Redskins are on a paved road to nowhere. Reggie Bush was a couple yards away from his second consecutive and third career 100-yard game. He should get 100 yards this week and Miami will pull out back to back wins. MIAMI.

Domination by the Pack

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    Minnesota vs. Green Bay

    The best team in the NFC North and in the NFL faces the worst team in their division. Guess who is going to win this one? PACKERS.