Building the Perfect NBA Point Guard

Sam CooperCorrespondent IIINovember 12, 2011

Building the Perfect NBA Point Guard

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    There are a lot of qualities that make up a point guard. A point guard has more than a few jobs to do while on the court, and there are more than a few skills that a point guard should have.

    Imagine a perfect NBA point guard. I took point guards from around the league and incorporated a strength from each one to create the perfect NBA point guard. These factors include speed, versatility, court vision, strength, ball handling, pure scoring, mid-range and three point shooting, defense and athleticism.

    Lets see exactly which players this perfect point guard takes after. 

Russell Westbrook's Speed

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    There are a lot of fast point guards in the NBA, and Russell Westbrook isn't necessarily the fastest. You can make cases for a lot of other players like Derrick Rose, Aaron Brooks and John Wall. But Westbrook uses his speed so well.

    Westbrook was able to lead the Thunder along with Kevin Durant, and his speed is a large reason that he helped carry them deep into the playoffs. 

    He uses his speed to run the offence at a very fast pace, and although the quick pace contributes to his 3.9 turnovers a game, he also is able to blow by defenders and set up open shots for his teammates.

    Just look at this video. He knows how to trick defenders, and once he gets past them you know he is going full speed towards the rim. 

Jason Kidd's Versatility

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    Kidd's largest strength is without a doubt his versatility. He can score, rebound, pass and defend. He's a nightly triple double threat, and his 107 career triple doubles are good for third. He helps his team by not only running the floor and making good passes, but he also rebounds the ball and plays lockdown defense. 

    Kidd has also now developed a three point shot, which is one of his best weapons. He has 1,795 career threes, and that is third all-time. He also has 11,578 assists, which is second all-time behind only John Stockton.

    Between his dangerous three, his ability to rebound, his concentration on defense and his great court vision, Kidd is an all-around player that has the ability to do anything on the court, and that is something a perfect PG should be able to do. 

John Wall's Athleticism

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    John Wall is so special because he is a combo of some other athletic point guards in the league. His 6 foot 4 frame makes him one of the biggest point guards out there. He is also one of the fastest players in the NBA, and he has great body control and leaping ability that allows him to be extremely dangerous when driving to the basket.

    Wall's amazing athleticism is something every PG wants. He isn't the best shooter, but if he develops a better jump shot and a three then he could be a 20-10 elite point guard by the end of his next season. 

Steve Nash's Passing Ability

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    Steve Nash is still the best passer in the league, even at the age of 37. He led the league with 11.4 assists a game, and put up numbers close to his 2 consecutive MVP seasons.

    Without him, the Suns would've been a 15 win team last year. He is always finding open lanes with his amazing court vision, and he is always dribbling until he finds the perfect opportunity for a score. As said in the video, most players see the game in black and white, but Nash sees the game in 3D and high definition. 

    Nash is one of the best passers the league has every seen, and when he retires he will be a hall of fame candidate without a doubt. Don't worry though, because with the way he played last year it looks as if he still has a few seasons left in him. 

Rajon Rondo's Defense

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    Rondo is without a doubt the best defensive point guard. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that he doesn't have to focus as much on offense, but he does have an amazing amount of defensive ability.

    When he is on the court, the Celtics give up two points less per 100 possessions, which shows how much better he makes the team defensively. He has averaged 1.5 steals or more a game every single season, and had a great 2.3 steals a game this past year. He also pulls down 4.4 rebounds a game despite the fact that he is just 6 foot 1, making him an undersized point guard.

    Rondo is one of the few point guards who still give a huge amount of effort on the defensive end. A perfect point guard would take after him and put in as much effort defensively as offensively. 

Deron Williams Strength

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    Deron Williams uses his strength to his advantage in a couple ways. He stands at 6 foot 3 and 210 pounds, which is enough of  size difference that he is able to post up on smaller point guards. By doing so, he has another method in which he can score.

    Also, Williams uses his strength to finish plays. Just look at what he did in the video. When he is going at full speed, there are few defenders who can stop him. He gets through all 5 defenders and even knocks Quincy Pondexter to the ground.

    Williams is the best point guard in the league at taking contract, and his superior strength is something a perfect point guard needs. 

Stephen Curry's Mid Range Shooting Touch

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    Stephen Curry seems to take after his father Dell Curry, who was one of the NBA's most deadly shooters in his time. Curry is also an incredible shooter. In just his second year in the NBA, he led the league in free throw percentage and shot an extremely dangerous 44 percent from behind the arc. Curry is an undersized point guard, but he has a lightning quick release that is almost impossible to defend and helps him avoid being blocked.

    The Warriors also have to be extremely happy with Curry's progression in the NBA and his great shooting. Not since the days of Chris Mullin and Mitch Richmond have the Warriors had a shooter come close to doing what Curry is doing now from behind the arc. Curry's marksmanship is exactly what the Warriors have needed for the last decade, and is exactly what the perfect point guard should have. 

Derrick Rose's Scoring Ability

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    Rose was last season's MVP, and almost everyone will tell you that he is the best point guard in the league. He led his team the Chicago Bulls to the best record in the NBA despite injuries to Joakim Noah and Carlos Boozer. He is a great ball handler and his great dribbling moves set up more shots for his teammates.

    Also, he has great athleticism, and a huge vertical leap along with insane speed. All of these contribute to the fact that he is the best driver in the league.

    The 6 foot 3 and 190 pound point guard blows right by defenders and then charges the hoop at full speed, generating a huge amount of force that allows him to have a big vertical leap and finish at the basket. He isn't the best mid-range shooter, but he creates shots for himself and when the day is done, his 25 points a game show how he is the best scoring point guard in the league. 

Chris Paul's Ball Handling

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    Paul's great ball handling is something to be coveted. He handles the ball exceptionally well, and he only averaged 2.2 turnovers a game, which made him one of the best in the league. He uses a series of deceptive dribbling moves that allow him to drive and finish at the basket.

    He has one of the highest assist-to-turnover ratio's in the game, and it is a big reason why he led the Hornets to the playoffs.