Alabama Football: 4 Things That Could Happen to Make a Crimson Tide Saturday

Damon YoungCorrespondent IINovember 12, 2011

Alabama Football: 4 Things That Could Happen to Make a Crimson Tide Saturday

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    One week ago it would have seemed LSU dealt a fatal blow to Alabama's national title hopes.

    Instead, Sunday evening, when the BCS standings were revealed, the Crimson Tide found themselves only one spot lower at No. 3.

    There is one big change, though.

    Alabama no longer controls its own destiny.

    While Nick Saban's team still must take care of its own business, it will need some help from the outside and it could happen today.

    What could happen to color this Saturday crimson for the Tide faithful?

Beat Mississippi State with Style

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    Obviously, Alabama must defeat Mississippi State to keep those national title dreams from dying, but what would really help the Tide is if they can bound the Bulldogs much the way they have pounded other SEC foes this season.

    It's fairly obvious from the polls that voters believe Alabama is the best one-loss team in the country.

    Unfortunately for the Tide, they have no more marquee games on the schedule and only an outside chance of playing in Atlanta.

    Style points could go a long way in helping the voters against teams like MSU and Auburn. 

    Alabama may get a little slack with the Iron Bowl since it is in Auburn, but it's in the best interest of the Crimson Tide to settle their final-three score with convincing margins.

Texas Tech to the Rescue

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    Texas Tech already took down one national title contender from the Sooner state, why not another?

    Could it be that Alabama fans will be pulling for former public enemy No. 1, Tommy Tubberville?

    Today they will.

    It seems highly unlikely, but if the Red Raiders can take down Oklahoma State, it would do a lot to help Alabama.

    That being said, no one in their right mind would have given Texas Tech a chance to win in Norman three weeks ago, but they did.

    The Cowboys have never been a BCS contender before.

    They now have the target on their back and it makes you wonder if Mike Gundy's team is up for the challenge.

Roll Ducks!

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    The last time Alabama fans put their faith in Oregon, the Ducks failed them and Auburn captured the national title.

    Well, the Crimson Tide nation needs a short memory, since Oregon is the best shot for the other undefeated team that could cramp Alabama's style, Stanford, to lose.

    Last week, all eyes were in Dixie for a defensive slug fest, but now we all look out west for what would seem to be an offensive assault on the senses.

    The pressure will be on the Cardinal to take care of business at home. They, like Oklahoma State, are new to this roll.

    How will Andrew Luck and company respond?

    Oregon is no slouch. They were a preseason national title player until LSU battered them in Dallas.

    Fortunately for the Ducks, Stanford's defense is not of the caliber of LSU and they should be able to get their ground attack moving.

Can Penn State Keep Winning?

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    There's no need to get into the Penn State controversy here.

    Can the Nittany Lions somehow pull things together to defeat Nebraska?

    Simply put, it helps Alabama for Penn State to keep on winning or to at least get to nine or 10 wins.

    With what's left on their schedule, I seriously doubt PSU will get to Indianapolis especially in light of this week's events.

    Still, you never know how a team will react to adversity, and perhaps it will be a rallying cry for the team and campus and they attempt to move forward with all that's been happening around them.