WWE Survivor Series 2011: Will It Be Remembered as the Great Event That Wasn't?

Robert Aitken@@RobertAitkenBRAnalyst INovember 16, 2011

Survivor Series takes place in the legendary Madison Square Garden this Sunday night.

What promised to be an epic event at the place where epic events take place, this card has looked very different from what fans expected to see.

There were so many rumors about what was possible to be seen, but many of those ideas stayed as just rumors.

Now, this once-incredibly promising pay-per-view event looks likely to come up short when it takes place in just four days.

This all began months ago, when tickets went on sale in the New York tri-state area.

To boost ticket sales, The Rock was announced in local ads as "returning to action" at Survivor Series.

Being from the area and a prospective ticket owner, I remember looking at it and not being sure what the intent was with the wording.

It may have just been a marketing ploy, like when The Rock is going to be at an episode of RAW, only to be "via satellite."

Any fan who would swear to call themselves an "expert" would imagine that The Rock would appear at Survivor Series, but not compete.

Surely, WWE wouldn't spoil The Rock's return to the ring in his hometown at WrestleMania in April 2012.

That logic was shot when it was confirmed he would wrestle. It became even worse for fans as it was confirmed that The Rock and John Cena would team together, as it was announced on WWE.com.

As reality sank in, the reasons made more sense.

It was the 25th Survivor Series.

The Rock debuted at Survivor Series at MSG 15 years ago.

A decade ago, The Rock was the sole survivor in the WWF vs. Alliance "Winner Take All" match.

Surely, The Rock would be in a Traditional Survivor Series match for one more special moment.

Cena and The Rock could join three other men to take on five heels, likely including Awesome Truth.

We were right about Awesome Truth being involved, but it was not in a five-on-five match. It was a standard tag match.

What made it even worse was that WWE had literally leaked the team of Cena and The Rock, yet tried to pass it off as Cena choosing The Rock as a partner against Awesome Truth.

It was insulting the intelligence of the fans and it wasn't the only instance on this card.

This especially hurts when you look back to mid-September and see how WWE "confirmed" the following:

"WWE sources have confirmed that The Rock and John Cena will be a part of a Traditional 5-on-5 Survivor Series Tag Team Match.

Stay tuned for more details."

About that...It gets more confusing.

Eve Torres, who put on a great match with Beth Phoenix at Vengeance, won a Halloween battle royal two weeks ago for a title match at Survivor Series, yet it took two more weeks for WWE.com to officially confirm the match.

CM Punk gets pinned at Vengeance, bringing his streak to four straight pay-per-views being pinned in. However, Punk gets a WWE Championship match with Alberto Del Rio?

I love Punk and think he will win this Sunday, but whatever happened to earning your title matches?

Where's the world title match for a member of Awesome Truth, who pinned Punk at Vengeance?

Cody Rhodes has a feud building with Randy Orton and the two square off in a Traditional Survivor Series match.

It's Team Orton vs. Team...Barrett?

Wade Barrett gets to be the captain over the Intercontinental Champion?

The Barrett Barrage is for real and I am not complaining about that. However, can we stick to one feud at a time?

Having them face off in singles matches doesn't make it a feud. It was a feud at last year's Survivor Series, when Orton was WWE Champion and Barrett ran Nexus. That's when a five-on-five match with these two should have happened.

Speaking of the five-on-five match, Christian was unfortunately hurt, but was replaced this week by Dolph Ziggler.

Where in the world is Brodus Clay?

You remember Brodus Clay, don't you, WWE?

He's that massive man that could be the future of the company, but has had his return to action pushed back for a few weeks now.

I know that Ziggler deserves to be on this card, but I get an odd feeling that this is going to be yet another double booking for Ziggler when someone else could easily be taking this spot.

Mark Henry and Big Show faced each other at Vengeance in a pretty good match for two big men, yet broke the ring.

They square off again at Survivor Series, but there are no tweaks to the match type?

At least pretend like the broken ring is not a possibility again this time and alter the match in a way to ensure a winner.

Could you make it a Street Fight?

That would be something different to see. It would also help hide the age of these two men and help them put on yet another good pay-per-view match.

These explanations don't even include the extenuating circumstances that have made this card suffer.

A perfect example of this is the status of Evan Bourne.

Bourne was suspended for violating the Wellness Policy, meaning that his partner, Kofi Kingston, would compete without him.

We won't even acknowledge the awkwardness of having one-half of the tag team champions competing and not explaining where the other one is.

Sure, we know what happened, but Bourne doesn't even get an injury write-off, like Sin Cara got when he violated the policy earlier this year.

Whatever happened to the great match concepts we could be promised?

There were serious talks of bringing back the Championship Scramble match at Survivor Series for the World Heavyweight Championship.

That would have been interesting to see and would really test WWE's loyalty to Mark Henry as a world champion and a man that is undefeated on pay-per-view in 2011.

We also heard returns of other fan favorites, such as "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Chris Jericho, Kane and The Undertaker.

We did see Mick Foley return officially this week, but that's not what this could have been.

WWE always goes all out for milestones.

They also love putting big matches on at Madison Square Garden.

With this being the fast track to The Rock's WrestleMania match, Survivor Series was going to be borderline epic.

The publicity was there, the star power could have been there and the match card should have been there.

Instead of a once-in-a-lifetime event this Sunday, I will be attending a typical Survivor Series in a venue where typical equals disappointment.

I hope to be thoroughly surprised by what WWE presents to the fans at Survivor Series.

If not, this event could be remembered as the Survivor Series that missed the mark.


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