The Montreal Canadiens and the All-Star Vote

Charles L. GareCorrespondent IDecember 16, 2008

To whom it may concern:

I feel this hoop-la over the Montreal Canadiens being voted into the top spots of the All-Star game is ridiculous. They have a history as one of the NHL's elite teams and should be placed in the starting lineup for the 2009 All-Star game.

It is their 100th year in the league and based on that and 24 Stanley Cups, who else should be there. No other team in the NHL will ever have these bragging rights. 

Crosby and Malkin may be what the league calls elite players, but Crosby gets what he wants by being the NHL's top whiner, just like Gretzky did in his day. I have nothing against any of these players, but the game is in the Bell Centre and the celebration is for the Habs this year.

Neither the Pittsburgh Penguins nor any of the leagues other 28 teams will ever have the Canadiens illustrious history. We as Canadiens fans are a proud group and want our team to be well represented at the All-Star Game, 2009.


Charles L. Gare