The Backdoor Cover: Week 10 NFL Picks

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The Backdoor Cover: Week 10 NFL Picks

Been nailing my twitter games lately (where I tweet out who I am taking on a game I didn’t list in my column or the Thursday night game) but it would be a lot more satisfying if I wasn’t just taking advantage of those that can’t take care of themselves…..i.e. Norv Turner.

Michael Bush deserves to start somewhere in the next year or so. Seems like a Michael Turner situation where he’ll be a fantasy stud once he switches teams.

Quick question that we all know the answer: If you could choose either to watch Jack and Jill, where you have to pay for a ticket, drive to the theater etc. OR get kicked in the groin which would you take? I can’t decide because at least the groin kick would be over quicker probably and I wouldn’t have to leave my house.

I couldn’t imagine someone spotting me at the theater going into Jack and Jill, my social life would hit the tank faster than Zach Morris when Bayside found out he had taken their video yearbook entries and turned them into a dating service.

This week is sponsored by a triumph of not only social cultures, not only settling who is the greatest boxer of all-time (RIP Joe Frazier), not only ripping off McDonald’s, not only one of the greatest cross-movie tie-ins with Trading Places, not only a timeless tale of battling weatlth classes, not only did it show America how to let your soul glow, but one of the best uses of the same two people playing multiple characters in a movie. If you can’t give it up for Randy Watson & Sexual Chocolate, then you need to check your pulse.


HOUSTON -3.5 @ Tampa Bay – At first this seems like a bad place to take a road favorite, but I’m going with the fact that Tampa Bay had huge run defense issues last week. Enough to go sign Albert Haynesworth in the desperation move of the week. I think Houston will run all over them and Tampa Bay does not do well when they are behind. Take it from a LeGarrette Blount owner.

PITTSBURGH -3 @ Cincinnati – I don’t believe in the Bengals. They have yet to beat a quarterback I would consider to be any good. I believe the Steelers know that if they win today they can take push Cincy out of the top of the division and make it a two-horse race with Baltimore.

DALLAS -5.5 vs. Buffalo – This is simply a case of people still thinking Buffalo is the team they were in the first few weeks of the year. They aren’t. The Jets dominated them in every facet last week. I expect Dallas to run the ball all over them this week. Don’t hang onto your Bills stocks hoping for a late rally, cash out and short sell while you still have the opportunity.

MINNESOTA +13 @ Green Bay – Taking this on principal. Huge MNF favorite with quite possibly the best offense we’ve seen in the past five years or so. IF the Vikings get decent play out of Ponder, then they can hold this close because they have the weapons. Divisional underdogs of more than 11 points usually do pretty well.

NEW YORK GIANTS +3.5 @ San Fran – Failed last week going against the Niners but I’m back again with the always underrated Eli Manning. This could be a let down spot for them after beating New England last week but I’m hoping they know they need to keep the pedal down in the NFC East.

SEATTLE +6.5 vs Baltimore – Monday night team traveling to the West Coast. I’ll take a chance with the Seahawks here as I show the Ravens to be the top $ play this week. Not sure how they’ll do it but maybe they’ll only lose by like 5. It could happen. Maybe.

INDIANAPOLIS +3 vs Jacksonville – How the mighty have fallen. The Jaguars don’t deserve to be a road favorite over anyone. Gabbert has regressed the past few games. The Colts are absolutely terrible but if they have a chance at win, it has to be here.

SUICIDE PICK: This week taking the cardiac Birds of Philadelphia. This isn’t as much of a selection ON the Eagles as it is AGAINST John Skelton. He doesn’t need to be a NFL starter.  The Eagles need a win in the worst way and Arizona coming to town should do the trick. Good luck. Previous - HOU, PIT, SD, TAMPA, NYG, GB, NO, BAL, DAL

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