Some Red Sox Holiday Dirt-Doggerel

FenWestCorrespondent IDecember 16, 2008

In the spirit of Holiday Cheesiness, which always seems so fitting this time of year, my contribution:

The Hot Stove continues, and Sox fans
Are waiting to hear Theo’s big plans
To put this team back
On its glory-bound track,
That huge trophy, held high in Sox hands...

Dear Santa: we'd like one more big bat.
Teixeira, perhaps, in a Sox hat?
And a rotation richer
With one more hot pitcher
Might get the Sox ready for combat.

But Santa, my Christmas wish this year,
Is 'Tek back, and decked out in full gear,
Behind Boston’s plate,
As he was in oh-eight.
That’ll start the real ‘holiday cheer’!

(‘Cause though it’s a great roster we’ve got,
I'll know for sure we’ve got a real shot
When El Capitán
Giving all that he can,
Takes the helm, with a captain-ly squat.)

And then, onward! We’ll stake out our claims
Through one hundred sixty two games:
Pedroia, Youk, Paps and Wake
Tek, Papi, Beckett, Jake…
Once more, World Champion names!