Kelsi Reich Pics: Hottest Shots of David Nelson's Cowboys Cheerleader Girlfriend

Ryan Klocke@@RyanKlockeBRFeatured ColumnistNovember 11, 2011

Kelsi Reich Pics: Hottest Shots of David Nelson's Cowboys Cheerleader Girlfriend

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    Usually, you can count on your significant other to cheer on your big accomplishments, like scoring an NFL touchdown.

    Not if your David Nelson. Not this Sunday. 

    The Buffalo Bills wide receiver is dating Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Kelsi Reich, which in itself is completely fine, normal and awesome for him. 

    But this week, the two teams meet at Cowboys Stadium, meaning that Reich will have to root against her beau. Think about the awkwardness: strong safety lays out Nelson, she smiles and waves pom poms. 

    Awkward, oh yeah. Luckily, after four quarters, it will be over and Nelson can smile because he's dating somebody this hot...

Working out

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    A four-year veteran of the squad, her official cheerleader profile says her hobbies include dancing, running and swimming. All three pay dividends in the toning department. 

Blowing Up the Web

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    This little tale of Nelson and Reich has blowup up online, as outlets appreciate the quirkiness of the situation. 

Tweeting to the Masses

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    What are her thoughts on the situation? Stay tuned to her Twitter account to see if she posts any reactions. 

We Like Her Style

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    Here's how she describes her style: "I have a sporty, cute and comfortable style, and I always wear my smile!"

    We can't help but agree. 

Dancing Queen

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    Reich's first job was as a dance instructor. Not only did it help pave the way to the top team in cheerleading, but it sure beats flipping burgers. 

Beach Babe

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    Her perfect idea of a vacation is lounging in Hawaii on a hammock. 

    Again, can't argue there. 

Happy Holidays

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    If stores can start putting holiday decorations out before Thanksgiving, you bet we can show you this pic. 

She Likes Country Music

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    Shocking (not really).

    Her favorite song is "It's a Great Day to Be Alive" by Travis Tritt.

Did We Mention She Likes the Beach

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    We did? Oh well. 

Go David Nelson

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    Let's all hope Nelson score a touchdown against the Cowboys, because that means the TV camera will pan to her.