David Nelson and Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Promise to Make Bills Game Special

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 11, 2011

The Buffalo Bills head to Dallas to take on the Cowboys. That fact should make for quite a game, but not for reasons that you think. 

Ryan Fitzpatrick takes to the field with his usual complement of star receivers. I am sure the Cowboys secondary will have fits all day, but that is not what interests me.

What may make this a banner day for football watching is the fact that David Nelson, the Bills' No. 2 on the wings, is dating Cowboys cheerleader Kelsi Reich. The two have been dating for a longtime, and Reich's loyalty will no doubt be torn in two by the very real possibility of Nelson scoring in Dallas. 

Nelson has 35 receptions on the year for 402 yards and three touchdowns. The star receiver spoke with the Bills Blog and described how this game will be truly special specifically because of his relationship. 

She works for the Dallas Cowboys and roots for the Dallas Cowboys, but I know she’ll have some inside joy if I do well. So it’s going to be a fun experience and I’m going to definitely be looking and record the TV copy and see if they show her a couple of times to see her reaction.

Reich should probably just cal in sick right now. I have a feeling that Nelson will find the end zone, and that is when the fun really begins for fans. 

Even if she gave the slightest smirk, the Cowboys fans would be all over her. It is best just to boo wildly because you can always make amends with a loved one. Nelson goes on to say: 

If I’m in the area where she is I’m sure I’ll have something planned for that, but I also don’t want to get her in too much trouble. I obviously couldn’t get in trouble, but she could. I’m discussing some things and try to surprise her a little bit if maybe something happens. I can honestly tell you 100 percent it will not be a proposal. Been there and done that.

Now I am really interested to see what Nelson has in store. So, no proposal, but what other hijinx could he possibly pull out of his bag of tricks. 

If the Cowboys defense weren't so inconsistent, I wouldn't have to ask for this. But if you all could find it in your heat to slack off Nelson for a drive or two, this football fan would greatly appreciate it. This already exciting watch gets a huge lift of intrigue thanks to some splitting of loyalties. This will be hilarious.


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