Week 10 Start 'Em Sit 'Em: Tom Brady and Quarterbacks You Must Sit

Matt LeirdahlContributor IIINovember 11, 2011

Week 10 Start 'Em Sit 'Em: Tom Brady and Quarterbacks You Must Sit

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    While players like Tom Brady and Matt Hasselbeck have been consistent all season, Week 10 matchups do not favor them. Leaving them on the bench would be wise. 

    2011 has been the year of the quarterback, so starting the right one is important. Without a consistent quarterback, you can kiss your season goodbye. 

    Here are seven quarterbacks that you should sit in Week 10. 

Josh Freeman

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    Ever since LeGarret Blount went down to injury, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been completely dependent on the pass.

    Now that he is back, he will be the star of the offense, so Freeman won't be passing much. 

    In Week 10, the Buccaneers play the Houston Texans, who have an excellent pass defense. 

    This spells disaster for Freeman.

    They are ranked No. 2 in passing yards, No. 4 in sacks and No. 5 in interceptions in the league. 

    Sitting Freeman would be the right move. 

Jay Cutler

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    The Chicago Bears and Jay Cutler have won their last three games. They might not be so lucky in Week 10 against the Detroit Lions. 

    The Lions have the No. 5-ranked passing defense and won't have a problem shutting the Bears down. 

    The Lions also have a very weak rushing defense, meaning the Bears will exploit it with their explosive running back Matt Forte. 

    Cutler won't get many passing opportunities, but when he does, the Lions will be able to shut him down.

    Cutler is a no-go this week. 

Tom Brady

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    Tom Brady is one of the top fantasy football quarterbacks in the league. He won't play like it in Week 10.

    The New England Patriots are playing their division rival, the New York Jets. Coach Rex Ryan will be looking for blood. 

    The Jets have the No. 6 ranked passing defense in the league and they have intercepted the ball 13 times this season. 

    Brady's last game against the Jets was his worst of the season. He had a season low of one touchdown pass. 

    Stay away from starting Tom Brady if you can. 

Matt Ryan

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    In Week 10, the Atlanta Falcons are taking on the New Orleans Saints. 

    The Saints have a better pass defense than rush defense, so Matt Ryan may not get as many scoring opportunities as RB Michael Turner. 

    The Saints average almost two sacks a game, so look for Ryan to be under pressure. 

    There is definitely a time and a place to start Matt Ryan, it's just not Week 10. 

Sam Bradford

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    In Week 10, Sam Bradford and the St. Louis Rams are taking on the best passing defense in the league, the Cleveland Browns. 

    Bradford is listed as probable, but that's no guarantee that he will play. 

    If he does play, it won't be pretty. The Browns only give up 165.2 yards per game and have 18 sacks on the season. 

    Stay as far away from Sam Bradford as you possibly can. 

Ryan Fitzpatrick

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    After getting off to a white-hot start, Ryan Fitzpatrick has cooled down a bit. 

    In the first three games, he threw for nine touchdowns. Since then, he has thrown only six.

    In Week 10, the Buffalo Bills are playing the Dallas Cowboys, who have 10 interceptions and 22 sacks on the season. 

    Don't look for Fitzpatrick to repeat the level of play he had at the beginning of the season in Week 10. 

Matt Hasselbeck

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    Matt Hasselbeck has been surprisingly consistent this season despite the fact that his best wide receiver is injured and the Tennessee Titans' running game has been very poor.

    Despite the consistency, Week 10 does not look good. The Titans play the Carolina Panthers. 

    The Panthers have a very porous run defense. The Titans will look to exploit this by running the ball, meaning Hasselbeck's throwing prospects are poor.

    The Panthers have the No. 13 pass defense compared to the No. 28 run defense. 

    Stay away from Hasselbeck this week.