Feel-Good Story For Bummed-Out WVU Fans

Frank AhrensSenior Writer IDecember 16, 2008

On Saturdays (and Thursdays and Wednesdays and so on) over the past four years, WVU quarterback Pat White has thrilled Mountaineer fans.

Last Saturday, he probably thrilled his parents: White got his undergraduate degree and walked during commencement, cap, gown, and all.

White said all along that getting his degree was the top priority from his time at WVU. Doing the math, counting his red-shirt freshman season, it looks like he did it in four and a half years. It took me six years(!) to get my undergraduate degree from WVU and I did not have the time and physical demands of Division one college athletics, much less the pressure of being the star player on the team. (I wasn't even the star player on my intramural teams.)

Unlike a lot of athletes who get their degrees in sports team coaching and the like, White got his in liberal arts and sciences. Looks like a real degree. (Speaking of which, in the wake of the fake MBA that the WVU Business school awarded to the West Virginia governor's daughter, please God let this one be real.)