With Percy Harvin and Chris Rainey, Healthy Gators Offense Can't Be Stopped

Evan WContributor IDecember 16, 2008

You think Alabama had it tough two weeks ago in the SEC championship? I feel bad for Brent Venables, Oklahoma's defensive coordinator.

Not only did Florida put up 31 points on arguably the nation's best defense, but the Gators did it without their two best play makers.

Yes, I know, we hear so much about Oklahoma's offense, and rightfully so, but the Gators are right up there with them, averaging the third-most points per game at 45.2 points. This is also way more respectable because they are doing this against SEC defenses, which are the best in the country.

Sure, Oklahoma can score—watching them score on every drive is very impressive—but Oklahoma State, Texas, and Texas Tech do the same thing in the Big 12. Oklahoma's defense has not seen speed like this, and after watching them get torn apart by Oklahoma State's offense, I'm scared for what Percy Harvin and the boys are going to do to them.

Florida's is the most versatile and well-rounded offense 'Ive have seen in years, or maybe ever. With Chris Rainey, Harvin and Jeff Demps, you have the three fastest players in the country in the same backfield. It's not hard to stop—it's virtually impossible.

All I can say to Oklahoma is I hope you bring your rocket-boosters because you ain't catching our boys without 'em.