Bethlehem Shoals Presents: Quality Minutes, 11/11/11

Bethlehem ShoalsNBA Lead WriterNovember 11, 2011

WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 15:  Former Boston Celtics captain Bill Russell listens during the 2010 Medal of Freedom presentation ceremony at the East Room of the White House February 15, 2011 in Washington, DC. Obama presented the medal, the highest honor awarded to civilians, to twelve pioneers in sports, labor, politics and arts.  (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)
Alex Wong/Getty Images

CBS Sports: Bill Russel: Hard-liners Jeopardizing NBA. There is no NBA figure, past or present, with more moral authority than Russell. When he talks (here, to Ken Berger), people listen. Let's hope someone at the negotiating table reads this post, since Russell apparently has more clarity on the situation than anyone actively involved. 

B/R: NBA Lockout: What Happens When It Ends? Kelly Scaletta walks us through what's still going on, and more importantly, what happens when it's all over. Things are moving fast, or at least the rhetorical threats are, but the basics haven't changed. 

Eye on Basketball: Shaq Was Abused By Father. Jackie McMullen, who worked with O'Neal on his new Shaq Uncut, spoke with Jason Whitlock about some of the book's deleted scenes—including this startling revelation. Unusual timing, to say the least. 

B/R: One Thing Every Player on The San Antonio Spurs Must Work On. The Spurs are never really that far out of contention, or at least that's what we're used to. When they're down, they bounce back and stun everyone with their resilience. However, now Tim Duncan is getting old, and there's more urgency than usual. Josh Benjamin details what needs to happen.  

TrueHoop: The Predictably Irrational NBA Lockout. Tom Haberstroh interviews behavioral economist Dan Ariely. Ariely looks at the intersection of psychology and business interests, which is pretty much what this NBA lockout comes down to unless you believe all these ultimatums are real. 

B/R: 50 Best NBA Players to Never Win An MVP. Second bananas? Ideal teammates? From Scottie Pippen down through Dwyane Wade, John Friel examines the list. 

Off The Dribble: Overseas Update, How NBA Players Are Faring. We didn't get Kobe Bryant or LeBron James playing overseas, at least not yet, but some vaguely memorable names like Adam Morrison are. Not to mention bona fide internationals like Nicolas Batum. Checking in on them is useful for anyone interested in comparing the NBA to other leagues on the planet. 

B/R: 20 Most Bone-Headed Plays of Last Decade. It's the play, not the player. If we can't watch good basketball, how about some bad ones, courtesy of Jesse Dorsey?