Why Is Everything a Race Issue with Charles Barkley?

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIDecember 16, 2008

This is really puzzling to me. Charles Barley has come out and called his alma mater Auburn out on being racist.

Of course, the school did make one of the biggest mistakes in the world by hiring Gene Chizik as head football coach, but still.

Chizik's resume was not nearly as good as others, but Barkley feels that since Auburn didn't hire Buffalo coach Turner Gill, an African American, that they are racist.

It seems everything is a race issue with him now.

I thought he'd shut up about racial issues once Barack Obama was elected, but, no, not Barkley. Racism exists, Charles, but you don't have to deem every single thing that goes against a fellow black person as due to racism.

Would you have complained if they hired Mike Leach? I don't think so. Sure, the lack of African American coaches in NCAA Division 1 football has declined a good bit. But it was mainly the fact that some of them happened to be doing a bad job.

Coaches like Sylvester Croom, former coach of Mississippi State, had done a great job and resigned, but that was his choosing, not the University's. Coaches like Turner Gill have done well and kept their jobs.

But how do you defend coaches like Ty Willingham? He has done a terrible job at Washington and that is why he saw the door.

Now it would be different if an African American coach was doing well and then was suddenly released. Then you would have a problem. But it is stupid to say that Auburn hiring Chizik over Gill is racist.

Barkley is coming out and helping Auburn hire a new basketball coach, but Barkley demands that the new coach be black. Now that may be a little racist to me.

I know it won't happen, but what if Roy Williams wanted the job? And it was between him and another black coach with not much experience. Would you hire the black coach or Williams?

By hiring the black coach in that instance, you would be racist, Barkley, and doing the exact same thing you are accusing Auburn of doing now. I just don't see why everything is a race issue. 

The first people to come out and say something is a race issue are the African American community. You hardly ever hear a white person come out and say something is a race issue.

Not every college president or athletic director is white, you know. If the Auburn AD would have been black, then Barkley would have had no problem. Guaranteed.

Sure, he would have complained about the hiring, like all of us.

But he would not bring it up as a race issue. I say we stop making things a race issue. It ruins sports by bringing it up all the time. It makes no sense why everything is a racial problem.

I think Barkley should work more on his golf swing, rather than saying everything is racist.

Just my opinion.

What do you think?