Dear Tony Kornheiser: Please Stop Saying the Phrase "Sexy Team"

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst IDecember 16, 2008

Monday Night Football announcer Tony Kornheiser has made us long for the days of Dennis Miller a few times since ESPN acquired the prime-time game. From mistaking players, teams, to only talking about Dancing With the Stars while a game was being played, he has given us reason to put the television on mute.
But whenever the Cleveland Browns play on Monday, which with the NFL schedule was often, we've had to endure him utter the same phrase… "sexy team."  Now, of course, with the way the Browns have played this year, the only team that might call them sexy would be a masochist.

But he has used it to describe their expectations coming into this season (e.g. they had high expectations).
Which is true. But can't you think of a better and not to mention less creepy of saying that? To call a group of over 53 large men collectively as sexy just does not seem appropriate for so many reasons. 
Who knows, maybe he's just confusing his adjectives? If he commentated during the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, he might say things like "bruising defense," and tell the models to hurry up because the two-minute warning is coming.
So, unless you are actually attracted to the players on the team, you should describe them as sexy, or their expectations as sexy, or their prediction as sexy. We know what you're trying to say, that their play last season brought them attention from others.  But that is hardly sexy enough to be considered sexy.